Nikon D40 £246.29 at Tesco
Nikon D40 £246.29 at Tesco

Nikon D40 £246.29 at Tesco

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The cheapest price for a Nikon D40 out there I believe


Voted hot - good price OP
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same price at amazon and argos. Also less than £250 at Jessops and Jacobs.

Plus Jacobs offering 5% with quidco making it £237.49

so not really a hot deal

Q the comparisons to Sony's DSLR-A200K


Q the comparisons to Sony's DSLR-A200K

yeh i would like to know if the sony a200 is better as I can get a discount in John Lewis but im on a tight budget!


yeh i would like to know if the sony a200 is better as I can get a … yeh i would like to know if the sony a200 is better as I can get a discount in John Lewis but im on a tight budget!

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I had a D40x until it recently jumped out of my hands and disintegrated. I got paid out on insurance in Jessops vouchers. Oddly enough they didn't have a Nikon for the amount the insurance paid out so the only thing available was the Sony A300. I wasn't best pleased but anyway that is another story.

The D40x - and I know this is a D40 - produced some stunning pictures. It is basically the same as the D40 only a larger MPsensor - but I never shot in 10MP - always used the lower option - which i think was 5.5 off the top of my head. The D40 has a higher MP than that so will produce some cracking results.

The real issue I have found with the Sony Alpha series is the inbuilt motor and stabilisation. If I was looking to buy now this would be a major factor. With the Nikon range you are limited to the amount of lenses that have auto-focus and VR (vibration reduction) with them when compared with what is compatible with the Sony, eg old Minolta lenses etc. And you will find that the equivalent lens from Sony/Minolta will be a lot cheaper than the Nikon equivalent.

So it depends what you want from the camera - if you are happy with the kit lens then the D40 is a good place to start - but if you are serious about taking better and more pics then the Sony is the better deal as it would be cheaper to get compatible lenses.

As regards the MP debate - I wouldn't say there is much in it with image quality from the 300 or the old D40x.

In my opinion the D40x - and so the D40 too - was a really good camera to learn the basics on. The Sony is quite a bit harder to get to grips with if you are a novice.

For me the Sony just edges it. If you can get the Sony 75-300 in a kit then defo go for the Sony.

Excellent camera, my wedding photo's were taken with one of these and they are spot on.

I've got the newer model the d60 but the d40 is meant to be better

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Been this price for a long time, great camera, mate got one a few weeks back
Here are a couple of pictures from it.


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