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Nikon D5300 18-55mm Kit - £409 @ Portus Digital
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Nikon D5300 18-55mm Kit - £409 @ Portus Digital

Posted 31st Aug 2014

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great Camera and around £700 in most places.

Not a well known company but great reviews, so I thought worth a punt at the price. Bought mine last Friday night and received Weds Lunchtime. Very happy with the service and product! I was fully expecting it to arrive from Hong Kong but dispatched from UK and offered with a 2 year warranty.

Great reviews on Feefo feefo.com/GB/…962
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Great price. I have just ordered from Value Basket for £428. They have not shipped yet and thats another story. May try to cancel and reorder from Here.

Heat added..
They are just another Grey Importer. The registered company address is a residential address
This price seems a bit too good to be true. If it's legit it's probably worth it. I have a D5100 and it's a good camera and from everything I've read the d5300 is quite an improvement
Ordered one from here earlier this year. Arrived quickly
D5300 with the 18-140 for £530 is very tempting from the same site!

They are just another Grey Importer. The registered company address is a … They are just another Grey Importer. The registered company address is a residential address

Possibly, but item has a UK plug and from all the great feedback received I've no doubt they will provide the warranty they promise.

I've no doubt they will provide the warranty they promise.

Assuming they're still trading in 2 years time...
Got a D7100 from them recently (£535 as oppose to £800+ from Wex and Jessops)
Absolutely no problems, came with UK plug and full UK manual and 2 year warranty.
Great service!
top camera, love mine , i paid a lot more than this though!
is that a VR II lens or VR lens?
Is it safe to order?
I live in Czech republic and they ask me for bank tranfer!
This place is good. A lot of pro's get their lenses from here.

A gray import nikon is the same camera just has a different serial number and you supposedly don't qualify for a warranty with Nikon. given that you have a 2 year warranty here as long as the terms and conditions are acceptable then.. what's the difference
I believe my D7100 from portus is an american version not from hong kong.
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Either way is the same camera. As long as a fully comprehensive warranty is offered it matters not if it's a Gray import. It **** of official dealers as they have to sell at the suggested rrp. not sure I care how they feel
Portus have been around for ages. This is a good deal
Ordered my D5300 last Saturday. It Arrived today in perfect working order. Gutted though as its now £389 on the deal when I paid the £409. Heat added though. Great seller (EDIT: Came with the 18-55mm VR II Lens too so very happy)
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wat is a gray import..........................
From their terms and conditions page:

Taxes and the Price You Pay

The price you see on the website is the price you will pay (except for UK orders of £250 or less, or for delivery destinations outside the UK, when delivery charges will apply - see Delivery Charges and Timing. By making a purchase on our website you are acting as the importer of the product and agree to Portus Digital making all delivery arrangements to your door, including customs clearance into the UK or other EU countries.

So there's a good chance as the importer you are liable for VAT and any applicable duties that have not been paid - assuming HMRC find out.

Just a quick conversation on their Chat:

Hi, am I liable for VAT as it looks from your terms and conditions that I am the importer?

PortusHelp: No that only applies to our trade customers.

So VAT has been paid?

PortusHelp: Correct.

Whats your VAT number?

PortusHelp: We don't have a VAT number as we are an Australian company but all VAT and duty is paid when the items come into the UK.

By who? if you are trading in the UK VAT has to the collected and paid.

PortusHelp: We are not trading in the UK, we are an Australian company.

So where is the VAT paid?

PortusHelp: If you want to know any further you would need to put this in writing. I am only an agent and have no delaing with the days to day running of the company.

Fair enough - I just want to make sure I'm safe - so far the savings on your site seem to match the amount 20% VAT avoidance would cover. Thanks I'll try elsewhere

No answer from Portus - so there you go - an Australian company importing in to the UK - Paying VAT, but without a VAT number - Your money, your choice.
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cheers for that, dodgy or what
wat is a gray import anyways

wat is a gray import anyways

A grey import is a product that is imported from another country through channels other than the maker's official distribution system.

There's nothing wrong with grey imports, just in this case (and a few other camera importers) the price is far too low to assume VAT/Duty has been paid. Ignorance of the law isn't a defence. *** If *** caught you will have to pay all the duty owing and I've read of cases where an additional 100% penalty was added because the purchaser must have known he was avoiding duty and VAT.
A grey importer is someone who imports stock from outside of the region you are in.

So in this case it means Portus will be importing equipment from Asia (probably Hong Kong). This means that the official Nikon warranty won't be in the box, that no import duties will be paid by them (they will hope to sneak it through), and that if customs notice you will be sent a bill for the import duties / taxes / import handling fee.

Portus Digital's terms of service specifically state that they are not liable for any import duties you may get charged.

So buy at your own risk.
cheers for the info guys, i did the usual live chat with them and was told that since the item/s get delivered to them and then redispatched to the buyer they pay the duties, not the buyer. Havent looked at their terms though just saying what I have been told by a girl called gina?! If thats not the case then mmmmmmmmmmmmmm serious breach of .....
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