Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera (Body Only, Gray) - £319 @

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera (Body Only, Gray) - £319 @

Found 11th Nov 2014
Cannot get a better price than this. With the capabilities that this SLR camera comes with, this is a steal
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used this Company before-best prices around!
But they are importing the product on your behalf, so I suspect you could be liable for customs charges.
I used these for buying my last Nikon D5300 and the price advertised was the price you paid, no customs charges and pretty good at responding to emails. i had a minor issue but resolved without hassle.


This is an amazing camera, my wife and i both have them now.

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I agree about the camera, miles better than the last gen D5200.
I reckon UK prices will fall significantly on the kit around Christmas this year, could see them going down to the £400 mark.
I was looking into buying the D3300 for my first DSLR but with this offer and buying a lense separate I'm only going to be paying about £50 more than I originally planned!
Good find!
For £50 more you can get this camera with the latest 18-55VRll. £369. Here's the link below. Same site.
Lens alone is £108 at Amazon uk.…tml

Heat added.

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plus you can claim Nikon cash back £50…tml
plus you can also claim Nikon £50 cash back

plus you can claim Nikon cash back £50 … plus you can claim Nikon cash back £50

No you can't.
you can I claimed cash back when I bought the 5100 from the same company
good find, can't buy thoun im skint until 2099.
If you were to get one lens for this camera which would it be...I know that, with the best will in the world, I just couldn't be bothered to lug a bag around with me to keep changing lenses.
go for the 18-300-amazing all in one lens!
This thread makes for interesting reading. Note that, as corrected in a later post in that thread, the parent company is spelt 'Validhirst' rather than 'Validhurst'.

I note that hdew and Portus Digital's price is almost exactly 20% lower than Digital Rev's price of £389.
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