Nikon D60 SLR with 18-55mm VR Lens - £364.08 Del 6.5% cashback
Nikon D60 SLR with 18-55mm VR Lens - £364.08 Del   6.5% cashback

Nikon D60 SLR with 18-55mm VR Lens - £364.08 Del 6.5% cashback

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Use the attached 10% voucher (you add it on step 5 of the checkout process) plus claim the £40 cashback from Nikon for a delivered price of £364.08. Plus 6.5% cashback with cashbackkings.com brings it down to £340.

This is by far the cheapest deal yet for this new Nikon entry level camera. This is not much more expensive than the old Canon 400D and it has the excellent Vibration Reduction lens that normally costs £180 on it's own. Nikon are known for producing better budget lenses than Canon and this is no exception. See here for reviews:


Manufacturer's Description

Lightweight, compact and easy to use, the new D60 has a host of amazing Nikon technologies to make that perfect image

Dust Reduction To combat the dust that can be introduced into the camera body when changing lenses, the D60 includes Nikon's exclusive Airflow Control System that channels dust out of the image path and a vibrating, self-cleaning sensor unit shakes off any remaining dust from the camera's optics

In-Camera Creative and Processing Technologies

Nikon's advanced 3D Matrix Metering II ensures consistently balanced exposures with natural colour and contrast

Active D lighting to bring out shadow and highlight detail Nikon's new digital image processing concept delivers smoother tones and more accurate colours. Nikon's fast, quiet and precise autofocus system adds significantly to the performance of the D60, capturing exact moments with astounding clarity. With the retouch Menu and In-camera RAW image processing to further enhance images and maximise creativity

User Friendly Operation

The large 2.5-inch LCD screen presents information using an easy to understand graphic user interface. The symbols and numbers in the display rotate through 90 degrees, presenting information in the correct orientation according to how the camera is being held. The D60 also includes a new feature that turns off the LCD monitor screen automatically when the viewfinder is in use

VR Lens (Vibration Reduction)

This Nikon D60 VR kit comes with a high-performance AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens. Nikon's advanced Vibration Reduction technology combats the effect of camera shake, allowing the use of shutter speeds that are up to three times slower than is practical when using a non-VR lens

Small Size, Big Performance A compact design that remains manageable and comfortable in use with 10.2 mega-pixels for high resolution images, suitable for enlargements or cropping

Product Description
The D60 is a top-of-the-range digital SLR camera with a 10.2-megapixel, DX-format sensor. It has been designed for consumers who want to combine top technology with user-friendliness and creative features. The D60 is incredibly easy to use, meaning you can concentrate on taking photos and ensure each photo turns out beautifully. In addition to rendering images with precise details and vibrant colours, the D60 comes with an EXPEED image processor and a host of other functions such as a dust-reduction system and an increased sensitivity range going from 100 to 1600 ISO, as well as an ultra quick start up time, so you can capture all those special moments. The D60 is compact, lightweight and comfortable to handle, with an intuitive 2.5 ACL monitor. Its AF-S DX VR NIKKOR 18-55 mm II lens is suitable for for taking portrait photos, group pictures and scenery shots. Employing the technologies and expertise of this internationally recognised manufacturer, the D60 is the wisest choice for both amateur and advanced photographers!

Megapixels 10.2
Sensor type CCD
Autofocus points 3
Crop factor 1.5
Lens mount Nikon F
Frames per second 3
ISO min 100
ISO max 3200
Screen size 2.5
Card format SD/SDHC
Battery model EN-EL9
Weight (g) 495
Size 126x94x64mm
Resolution 230,000
Sensor size 23.6x15.8


Hi, I bought the Canon EOS 400D for £289 (if quidco validates) I was undecided but bit the bullet.... Now you have shown me this offer I might change my mind! is the Nikon D60 a better choice? I am after a good beginners DSLR, I have access to Nikon lenses everyday because I work in a Media College so this camera would be a strong contender based on the lenses alone! Please help me decide :-(

Probably not much between the 2 body wise however Canon lenses are generally poorer at the budget end. The 400D kit lens is not a patch on this camera's VR kit lens. With your access to Nikon lenses this would certainly seem a better option for you

Original Poster

I would argue that body wise there are several advatages for the Nikon D60 compared to the Canon which is a year older.

- Nikon's have the best reputation in digital SLR's for noise control. The is crucial for those looking to take photos indoors and in low light without a flash in order to keep a natural look to the photo. It's certainly the only budget SLR (along with the D40) that is capable of taking images at 1600 ISO that still look relatively noise free.
- The Sensor Cleaning System is more advanced and works in two ways to keep dust away
- The Expeed processor that they've put in the D60 is the one used the on the professional Nikons which and has a number of benefits including in-camera Lateral Chromatic Aberration Correction and Active D-Lighting. It also improves tonality and colour rendition
- Active D-Lighting is a software process that brings detail out of shadows. The version in the D60 is a newer version not found in any older models
- The Nikon bodies has always had industry wide recognition that they are the most comfortable to hold and use. This is no different with the D60.

Add to this a lens that is 10 times better than the widely recognised rubbish Canon 400d stock lens and it's a no brainer to me.

I can't understand why anyone would choose a year old Canon model that is no where near as good a package as the Nikon D60 when it's only £40 less.


Thanks for your advice guys, I chose the Canon mainly because of my budget, but as the D60 is now in my price range I do agree with both of your comments (I must admit I am a real novice when it comes to taking photo's! but have good knowledge of editing within Photoshop as I work and teach graphic design....
P.s. The delivery man has just dropped the 400d at my door and must admit I am tempted to open it, ARGHH

Resist - I was trying to be impartial but as a Nikon man & reading carleasts reply the D60 with that far superior lens in a NO BRAINER

is this quidco cashback possible as well do you know?:thinking:


is this quidco cashback possible as well do you know?:thinking:


Original Poster

I can't believe this is so cold when an older camera with a worthless lens is selling for only £40 cheaper and people vote it hot in their droves. Shows how much people know about cameras here!

A I right in thinking that this camera has not got the live view screen???

Original Poster

No live view. But neither does the Canon 400D. Either way it's maybe a handy function but to be honest the natural position to keep a camera steady is close to the body/face. If you use live view you'll be increasing camera shake which not what you want if you're trying to take high quality pictures.

Carleast, I have sent the 400D back this morning (free of charge) just a bit gutted that I did not order the D60 on Saturday as the 10% off has finished now!
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