Nikon D700 Body Only - 1667.34 Delivered @ Dixons !
Nikon D700 Body Only - 1667.34 Delivered @ Dixons !

Nikon D700 Body Only - 1667.34 Delivered @ Dixons !

Buy forBuy forBuy for£1,667.34
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I found out that you could use the attached 5% off computing voucher.
Original price £1755 cheapest price on the web same as amazon.
Use the voucher to make it even cheaper !
AND IM SURE IT'LL WORK FOR OTHER DSLRs as well which would be a MEGA deal!


Can anyone lend me a few quid? Say... ummm... £1667.34?

Scrub that - I'll need a couple of lenses too...

and some filters...

and a flash...


Anyone lend me £3k?

Jessops are doing the D700 with a lens for £1999.99.

I went a bit camera mad this week.

Bought the D90 in the £709 D90 and VR lens kit deal at Currys, and then on the way home from work on Tuesday, popped into a Jessops and found they had a 5DII in stock and ended up buying that as well.

will have a play this weekend to see which is the keeper.

The included lens in the Jessops deal is the 24-120mm lens which isn't that great a lens from what I've seen of it, I'd rather buy the body at this price and put the 400 odd quid towards a better lens.


Shame they don't give them away, I'd have two!

That would be nice but not a very sound business model, I'm holding off on camera equipment purchases at the moment in the hope they'll start going back down again.


Yes, me too. Hopefully the exchange rate will go our way soon. :thumbsup:

With a D300s due out soon, there could be some movement on prices.

There may not be a drop in D700 pricing because of D300s... They have different features... one's a Fullframe, one's not. And also one's enabled with video recording, the other isn't.

8 )

the d300s is the better camera bar the sensor. However for indoor hand held the d700 has the edge
there will probably be a d700s soon, but given the significant but not revolutionary advance of the d300 over the d300s, I don't think any d700 buyers will feel short-changed.

The one good thing for UK consumers is that with the decline of the pound, we are now pretty cheap here for cameras. I mean look at bhphoto and do the FX. for once I feel I am getting good value over here

This is expired anyway, it's 1800 on the site at the moment.

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