Nikon D750 £1499 @ Currys

Nikon D750 £1499 @ Currys

Found 15th Aug 2017
£100 off total value at checkout by using code NIKON100.
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UK stock HK seller.
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roda132 m ago

£1122UK stock HK seller.

Still would be considered a grey market so no nikon warranty
Yea alot cheaper online will be my next purchase, d7200 done me well.
The trick with Currys used to be - haggle to get the extended warranty thrown in for free; then cancel it a couple of weeks later and get the "refund". Usually meant you got a nice chunk back as the warranty costs are based on the purchase price.
Having to send mine back as there was an issue with many models having a shutter issue. This appears to be a systemic issue with this model as they have had to recall almost all of them back, more than once in some cases.…ue/
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Nikon - cold
MAdam982 h, 21 m ago

Nikon - cold

That is such useful advice/feedback; have u thought of starting your own advice service? e.g. #nohelpwhatsoever etc
I bought my d5200 grey import & have had no problems nearly 3 years old now ☺
I bought my D750 from HDEW (grey import) almost 2 years ago and just had the shutter replaced FOC by Nikon. Free sensor clean too. All,new D750s will be free of the potential shutter issue
MAdam987 h, 55 m ago

Nikon - cold

Obviously a Canon fanboi, the Nikon/Canon wars have been going almost as long as the Android/iPhone wars.

I own an early D series camera, the original lens AF occasionally gave me issues, but that is because of the fine sand that had worked its way into the mechanism; I wandered into a Nikon dealer in Guangzhou, China, and they took it apart and cleaned it out with no charge. At the time it was about 4 years old, it is now 10 years old, and showing its age a little; after being dragged up and down mountains in extremes of heat, cold and humidity, can you blame it??, but I have been so impressed, its eventual replacement will be another Nikon D series.
Same price just about everywhere. Great camera but far too expensive.
The wink indicated a joke...
Some people!
cracking camera full frame is the Way to GO I got my d600 second hand love it. get a 24 to 85 2.8 a 70. 200 2.8 and a nifty fifty 1.4 all for under a grand.
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