Nikon SB-900 Flash £309 @ Jessops

Nikon SB-900 Flash £309 @ Jessops

Found 18th Mar 2010
Nikons new flagship Speedlight, the Nikon SB-900 offers exceptional high-speed, high-power operation combined with an extended zoom range.
The SB-900 incorporates a moving diffuser and light source that can zoom from 17mm to 200mm in just 1.2 seconds while maintaining an even light distribution. The new flash also provides a choice of three illumination patterns

Best price by miles.

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mmm, thinking if I can warrant a this flash, pretty sure the SB600 will suffice for most things ands its

Good price and flash.

I'd go with the sb600 - probably do everything you want

I've owned both sb600 and 800, I sold the 600 and still own the 800. I used to have a D70 and now use a D40 - I wish I'd kept the 600 as it would have more suited the D40 re: size and weight

I only use my camera for amatuer use, family parties etc

the choice is yours though!
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