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NikWax freebies reminder currently Down Wash Direct
Found 9th Dec 2015Found 9th Dec 2015
Award-winning Down Wash Direct is the safe and easy way to clean all your down clothing and sleeping bags! Add to your washing machine at home to effectively remove dirt and conta… Read more

Just register with them. and then you need to take a test. Here is a sample of question and there answer…780

Use CTRL+F to easy find the answer.

Have fun.

Here is a sample of question and there answer.
Use CTRL+F to easy find them.…780

Most of the questions are the same.

Good look.
Edited by: "ageani" 3rd Jan 2015


i remember one time along time ago i found 90% of the answers to the quiz questions if you view my past threads you might be there a while but its in there somewhere xD

Free Sachet of Nikwax Tech Wash
Found 15th Mar 2015Found 15th Mar 2015
You can get a free sachet of Nikwax Tech Wash so you can clean your jacket to revive its water-repellency and breathability. Amazing! Found on magic freebies.
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Nice find. Heat.

Took like 10 attempts, so annoying when you get just 1 question wrong!! Thanks OP

I feel like a nikwax rep now!

At the end if it says "Better look next time" just enter this URL…te=

After all that form filling and research effort on the quiz, I expect a graduation certificate and a job too!

Thanks for the heads up though, OP.
Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather FREE 15ml sachet
Found 3rd Sep 2014Found 3rd Sep 2014
FREE 15ml sachet of Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather if you complete WebQuiz. Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather re-proofs your smooth leather footwear, adding Durable Water … Read more


Tried a few times previously and always same end result. Diddly squat and … Tried a few times previously and always same end result. Diddly squat and endless emails.

I've had a few of them delivered. It's good stuff too.

The infrequent emails remind me to get the next one when due

I often complete the quiz and have had loads of free samples, so hot from me! :-)


Tried a few times previously and always same end result. Diddly squat and … Tried a few times previously and always same end result. Diddly squat and endless emails.

I've never had anything either!

I do this every month and always get a sample delivered. It varies everytime.
I get it delivered to my parents and they always find a use for it.

Hot from me!

Original Poster

I do not understand why it is cold?
It is a free, after all.
It is only 15 ml? try, if you like it and want more you can buy?
You can play several times until you filled out, and Yes are received, other times I got.
Free Nikwax BaseFresh Deodorizing Conditioner
Found 30th Jun 2013Found 30th Jun 2013
Technically it is a competition, but considering they give you the answer to the question on the website, its got to be a Freebie... "Take the Nikwax WebQuiz and you'll get a free… Read more

Great deal, but this is linked to the U.S. site - if you're a UK user go to…iz/ for the UK one to win a sample of Nikwax Concentrated Tent & Gear SolarProof!

Original Poster


Still don't know why this is cold, OP! Great deal

Me too - OK not such a well known freebie - but still free??

Still don't know why this is cold, OP! Great deal

It's quite easy to get all questions correct if you put a tiny bit of effort, and spend a few minutes searching for the answers on the clues that they give you!


Nikwax have never sent me any of the free stuff i apply for

I've only tried twice and got stuff both times.
Free Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather
Found 10th Apr 2013Found 10th Apr 2013
Play their WebQuiz and you can win a free sample of Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather. Your boots will have a new lease of life in no time and be instantly protected from the el… Read more

Yep, I really love this freebie - been doing it off and on for about a year. It's a marketing ploy that genuinely works too - I'd never heard of Nikwax before I saw it on here, but do actually buy their stuff now. I ended up in the most bizarre conversation with someone recently about how to waterproof tent ropes. I don't even own a tent oO

The prize has just updated - new Nikwax Cotton Proof is now on! I quite like playing this one, it's satisfying to get them all right (even if I do have to use the clues!) and the prize always turns up in the post :-)

Got a tiny sample packet this time! No full product

What fun! Enjoyed the quiz and learnt a lot about the products ( I use a few of them already). Thank you for posting.

Just when I thought it was going well, they threw in question 9 which was in German! Even the clue took me to a German page. Managed to guess it though.
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Free NikWax BaseFresh Deodorising Conditioner
Found 16th Aug 2012Found 16th Aug 2012
Nikwax BaseFresh is an easy to use deodorising conditioner for all technical underwear and wicking clothing worn next to the skin. For your chance to try a free sample just play th… Read more
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Original Poster

i just done the quiz again i swear it keeps getting harder the one thing you gotta remember "all of the above" normally is just one of the main answers,and statements using nikwax alot in them are normally a sign too that their the most likely.

For everything else there is a clue option

Original Poster


the quiz i have is completely different to these questions?

Their quiz just randomly mixes itself around with the questions they took alot of time in trying to make it so no one could easily make a list of answers lol

the quiz i have is completely different to these questions?


Last time I took part I never received a thing, except for (lots of) spam … Last time I took part I never received a thing, except for (lots of) spam mail!Be sure to use a secondary email account for this.

I have had an email from them on one occasion apologising for running out of samples - maybe that's why you didn't get anything. On all other occasions the stuff has arrived. As for the spam emails, I've not received any - did you miss unticking a box?
But I agree, using a secondary email account for freebies/offers/comps/etc is a good idea - it's keeps my real inbox clean.

Hot from me.

I did this last time for the aftersun insect repellent.Received it recently, Can't grumble really, they are about 7 quid to buy.
Free Nikwax Aftersun with Insect Repellent worth £7.99
Found 25th Jun 2012Found 25th Jun 2012
Register and answer all the questions on our webquiz correctly and we’ll send you a free Nikwax® SkitoStop® After Sun with Insect Repellent worth £7.99. There are 10 questions so … Read more
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Original Poster

mine arrived in the post this morning

Has anyone ever got anything from this company as I have done their quizzes loads but never got anything

My god, that took forever.

Thanks, that took me ages to complete lol

The quiz is now much easier thanks to the OP!
Free Nikwax Tech Wash and TX.Direct
Found 25th Jan 2012Found 25th Jan 2012
Nikwax will send you a 100ml pouch of Nikwax Tech Wash and a 100ml pouch of Nikwax TX.Direct completely free of charge, scroll down their page and fill in your details. or •Send a… Read more
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just need to buy more. thanks

Do I actually have to send the text to get this free sample? I just filled out the form and pressed submit which redirected me to a page thanking me for my interest... Does this mean They're sending me a sample?

Original Poster


Thanks OP, Is text to this message included in my monthly allowance?

no, i don't think so, the text will be at premium rate 34p and not at normal rate and its a seperate charge from ur allowance
on the other hand u can apply online for free

Thanks just applied

Welshy x


My message wont send im on giffgaff £10 goodybag unlimited texts, I have … My message wont send im on giffgaff £10 goodybag unlimited texts, I have no other credit apart from that.

Alternatively, fill in your details below and we can get your Tech Wash and TX.Direct to you even quicker! The only other thing we ask of you is that if you like it, tell others so that we can continue to spread the word about how great both products are!

No point doing it the more complicated way using texts etc.

Thanks OP. wanted some of this for the motorcycle gear
Free Nikwax Waterproofing Wax For Leather
Found 23rd Nov 2011Found 23rd Nov 2011
Take their quiz and get the questions right to get a free Waterproofing product from them. The questions have hints to make it easier for you.

just got this today, thanks!

BTW, the product you receive can vary. I`ve had waterproofing and cleaning stuff from them before.

The full list of questions and answers is HERE

You can complete the quiz every 3 months, too.

cool, thanks OP. Won first time, most of the answers are obvious, all the above, all the above, whichever product is pictured in the clue etc

won't work for me on chrome or IE
Play and win a sample of NEW Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather and SkitoStop After Sun with Insect Repellent.
Found 7th Aug 2009Found 7th Aug 2009
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cheers pinky :thumbsup:

Nikwax do send the 'real' thing usually but these are sachets not bottles. Still, goes in the rucksack and useful when on hols to top up the boots. Need it this summer!:-(. H+R to OP (if I can give you anymore!)

I bet they do, im still trying with the quiz
10 goes so far, always mess up on 1 or 2...the clues won open for me

This site always sends out good-sized samples, so it's worth entering if you're an outdoor-type person:thumbsup:

If u get an answer wrong just refresh instead of answering all the questions and submitting.
I think u have to get all 10 right!!! so there is no point of continuing after u get 1 wrong...You can have as many goes as u like!!
free Nikwax product
Found 3rd Jul 2008Found 3rd Jul 2008
Play the quiz and answer the easy questions (the come with clues too). Get all the questions correct and you will recieve a free full size nixwax product! It tells you how to play … Read more
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Fantastic for motorbike textiles

Thank you - where do you find all this free stuff??


nice one - no idea what they will send but heat added

Should be a pouch of Tech wash

What Is It ?

It's a detergent free cleaner for washing clothing that you shouldn't use detergent on. Goretex, Paramo and other waterproofed fabrics mainly.

Thanks pinkmelonsmr2

nice one - no idea what they will send but heat added

What Is It ?