NILFISK Compact C125.3-8PC 125 Bar 1800w Pressure Washer £102.12 delivered at World of Power

NILFISK Compact C125.3-8PC 125 Bar 1800w Pressure Washer £102.12 delivered at World of Power

Found 15th Feb 2016
Price is £107.49 but using code FEBFIVE at the checkout it brings down to £102.12 including UK delivery

- Patio Cleaner
- Click and Clean Spray Lance
- Tornado Nozzle
- Power Speed Nozzle
- Spray Gun
- Foam Sprayer

This compact sized Nilfisk Compact pressure washer operates from the 230 volt electric supply, the machine offers a 5.8-8.7 litre per minute with a pressure rating of 125 bar (12mpa).The maximum inlet temperature of the machine is 40 degrees with a maximum water outlet flow of 520 l/h at low pressure and 350 l/h at high pressure. The machine comes fitted with a 8 meter outlet hose.

The Compact C125.3-8 pressure washer is a robust and powerful pressure washer that's also lightweight and portable making it ideal for removing algae and grime from flagstones, decking and pathways. The 125 bar pressure washer is also great for occasionally washing cars and other motor vehicles. The machine has integral trolley wheels and a handle that enables easy transportation without effort.

The automatic start/stop feature makes the pressure washer easy to control with quick changing nozzles. It comes with a patio cleaner, click and clean spray lance, tornado nozzle, power speed nozzle, spray gun and foam sprayer. All tools are stored on board so they're always to hand.

This pressure washer can also draw water from a water butt, it does not require a mains pressure feed. To do this you would require a filtered hose.
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Why it is cold? Where you can get it cheaper? I know it is not a c105 modelis for £50.
Seems good to me, is this the replacement for the c120? That was a good model to use but unfortunately mine cracked presumably due to freezing so maybe this will be its replacement!
No. It is just another model. Little more powerful, with higher water flow and only £3 more expensive then c120 (the cheapest I could find).
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