Nine Inch Nails - Things Falling Apart CD £3.49 + Free Delivery @ Play

Nine Inch Nails - Things Falling Apart CD £3.49 + Free Delivery @ Play

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The best words to describe the music of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails are caustic and scathing. Billed as manipulations of songs recorded during THE FRAGILE sessions, THINGS FALLING APART stands on its own as a solid release. The remixes are so drastic that they become separate entities from their distant origins.
Long-time collaborators such as Alan Moulder, Charlie Clouser (now a full-fledged member of Nine Inch Nails), and Dave Ogilvie were recruited to flesh out the new instrumentation, while Danny Lohner, Keith Hillebrandt, and Adrian Sherwood master the control boards. The result is a swirling mix of synth-pop, crunchy guitar riffs, and ambient, archaic soundscapes. From the haunting strings in Bellini's version of "The Frail" to the pulsating Sherwood remix of "Star*******, Inc"., this collection aims for the deepest recesses of the human soul
Slipping Away
The Great Collapse
The Wretched (Version)
Star******* Inc. (Version)
The Frail (Version)
Starf****** Inc. (Version)
Where Is Everybody? (Version)
10 Miles High (Version)
Starf****** Inc. (Version)


Great price for some great tunes, thanks.:thumbsup:

oh andy!!!!!!!can you stop finding these deals!!! from me have ordered ..:)

Nine Inch Nails... good price, have some heat matrix hamster:-D :thumbsup:

Reznor rules


Have some heat ma man.
Went to see the Nine Inch Nails/Janes Addiction tour at Manchester in July, one of the best gigs i've ever been to. Note to self: the mosh pit is no place for a 36 year old. lol

Thanks! I didn't know there was a remix cd out, will be getting this.

fab fab fab.... a birthday pressie to Mr Mambury me thinks!!

Where Is Everybody? - now prefer this version to the original
Metal - great tune

heat added.

Already have it but tmpted to order another copy at this price ;o) Top deal for tunes from a top bloke.
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