Nine Months DVD £2.99 at Amazon & HMV

Nine Months DVD £2.99 at Amazon & HMV

Found 24th Jun 2010
Nine Months DVD £2.99 at Amazon & HMV

Next best nearly £1 more

Samuel Faulkner's (Hugh Grant) fruitful, happy life completely falls apart when long-time girlfriend Rebecca (Julianne Moore) suddenly announces she's pregnant. The thought of fatherhood and responsibility terrifies Samuel--who just happens to be a child psychologist. Although he does try hard to get used to the idea, the months fly by without a change in his attitude--clearly, he still does not want a baby. So Rebecca, fed-up with his infantile behaviour, walks out on him. Miserable at the loss of his girlfriend, Samuel begins to reconsider his life, and eventually realises that his existence can only be complete if Rebecca-- and okay, their child--remain a part of it. Now Samuel must find a way to convince Rebecca that he's not only ready for fatherhood, but for (gulp) marriage as well...!

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