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Ninja Foodi MAX 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker 7.5L OP500UK £184 + 2 year guarantee included, using code (JL members / select accts) @ John Lewis

£184£199.998% off
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About this deal

With demand shooting up for these, thought this was a decent price, from a really good brand and peace of mind with the 2 year guarantee included from John Lewis.

Enjoy £15 off when you spend £150 using code MYJL15OFF (Need to sign up/into your John Lewis rewards, which is free.)

To redeem your reward, use the code above at the online checkout or on our app, or show it to a Partner at the till in our shops.

This offer is only valid for customers who receive this voucher and who activate in their online account at account.johnlewis.com/rew…rds then subsequently spend using their my John Lewis card in store or when signed in to their account online

The Ninja Foodi MAX 9-in-1 Multi-Cooker makes it quick and easy to cook delicious meals, sides, snacks and desserts for the whole family with 9 cooking functions, a large 7.5L capacity and Ninja’s exclusive TenderCrisp Technology.

9 cooking functions

Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Slow Cook, Steam, Bake/Roast, Sear/Sauté, Grill, Yoghurt and Dehydrate. Perfectly sized for up to 6 people, you can cook and crisp a whole 3kg roast chicken.

The pressure cooker that crisps

Discover Ninja’s exclusive TenderCrisp Technology. Pressure cook food up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods (compared with slow-cooking, simmering or braising), using super-heated steam to lock in juices. Then swap to the crisping lid to finish your food with the perfect crisp. Enjoy golden chicken wings, fluffy roast potatoes, bubbling cheese-topped pasta bakes and more. Even frozen food is thoroughly cooked and finished with a crisp.

Meals, sides and snacks

Air Fry chunky chips and guilt-free fried food using little to no oil – up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods (tested against hand-cut deep-fried French fries). Slow Cook up to 12 hours in advance, from spicy chilli to tender pork shoulder. Roast chicken breasts and vegetable medleys, Grill salmon, Steam rice, Sear steaks, Sauté onions and sauces and Bake fresh bread and cakes. Dehydrate ingredients to create beef jerky, vegetable crisps, dried fruit and dried herbs – even make homemade Yoghurt, exactly as you like it.

Cook mains and sides at the same time

Using the 2-tier reversible rack to layer ingredients you can cook two courses at the same time. Keep Warm mode keeps your meal ready to eat up to 12 hours after cooking.


Ceramic-coated, non-stick dishwasher-safe parts make washing up easy. Includes a large 7.5L cooking pot, 4.7L Cook & Crisp basket, 2-Tier Rack and Chef-Created Recipe Guide.

Accessories included

1 x 7.5L Removable Cooking Pot, 1 x Pressure Lid, 1 x 2 Tier Rack, 1 x Cook & Crisp Basket


H35 x W42 x D38 cm
Dishwasher safe YES
Model name / number OP500UK
Number of programs/settings 9 - Pressure, Steam, Slow Cook, Yogurt, Sear/Saute, Air Crisp, Grill, Bake/Roast, Dehydrate

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  1. Avatar
    Best kitchen appliance we have purchased. Used every day. Don't use the oven anymore. Made a pasta bake today. Six minutes to pressure cook the pasta and five minutes to melt cheese and crisp pepperoni.
    That looks lovely 
  2. Avatar
    Why do I need this over my normal oven anyone?
    It’s a lot cheaper to run
  3. Avatar
    Says code is not valid
    Because you have to join the JL rewards......
  4. Avatar
    For anyone on the fence about a Foodi - we got the 11-in1 in June and only use our oven for pizzas now. Drastically cut down on hob use too.

    I use it for almost everything and bought a second inner pot (highly recommend) and the 3 piece baking set. All chips, fresh and even frozen are so much nicer air fried!

    It does take a little trial and error at the start as you get used to times/weights - don’t start with a multi layer meal, try a few simple sides first. Also, things cook much quicker - so it’s a good idea to start with less time, check and cook longer if needed. It’s easy to burn food otherwise.
    Where did you get the 2nd inner pot and baking set?
  5. Avatar
    Went for the Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 Gourmet. Only available in Costco and deal just ended but open boxes have started showing on ebay. Got one for me and the Mother for £100 each including postage. That seller has sold out but plenty available.

    Highly recommended
  6. Avatar
    Best meat I've ever had in this. Last night I had spare ribs, 10nmins in pressure cooker, applied rub, then in air fryer for 15 mins. Normally I would have then in over for 1h and half so it must save a ton on electricity.
  7. Avatar
    picked up mine from ninjakitchen for 179.99 last month, Mr Roberto's best purchase of 2022 so far. The strawberry jawbreakers I picked up today come a close second
  8. Avatar
    Too big for 1-2 people?
    Not at all. I use it for me and my partner.

    It's also great for weekly meal preps, as you can make a lot of food
  9. Avatar
    How's the air frying in this compared to their dedicated air fryers does anyone know?
    Very good in my opinion. We have a standalone air fryer too but use the ninja a lot more
  10. Avatar
    Great but mine arrived faulty with the fan being reality loud i should get a replacement

    Ive only ever slow cooked once, haven't pressured cook or steamed yet
    Tried dehydrating but it was too loud for such a low temp and didn't seem to do anything but I should probably try again with fruit or beef

    Anyone know anything I can Pressure cook or Steam?
    We regularly pressure cook rice (slow release) or cubed potatoes (quick release) for salad/mash.
  11. Avatar
    The Aldi multicooker with pressure cooker lid and air crisp lid is only available online and for £89. Should be similar.

    Ps: I have 2 ninja foodies like in this deal and the ninja grill and some instant pots and old style pressure cookers.

    Old style on the hob pressure cookers do it faster as pressure generated is higher but obviously less features. Gas obviously is cheaper than electricity. But these can't air crisp.

    The electric ones have more bells and whistles. Horses for courses.

    Look around on second hand websites for deals. You can often get them for less than half the price here but even second hand prices seem to risen due to demand. I paid more like £70 to 75 each for the foodie and 60 for the grill second hand.

    If you are looking to save money cooking, nothing will be cheaper than pressure cooking for few minutes. Unless you want a crisp finish but you could always use the aircrisp function later for few minutes. Always wondered why only very few in the UK use pressure cookers routinely. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Add "Ninja" to the name and an extra £75 (at least) to the price.
  13. Avatar
    I got the dual one for myself. I like it but have to use both sides most time , especially bacon.
    I got this one for my mum and you want to cook bacon for 2-3 people you need to use the rack. But I found the top cooks much quicker and the bacon on the sides of the rack do too. The bacon in the middle are anaemic compared to the cremated at edges.
    So it’s a no for bacon. Unless I’ve not mastered it yet
  14. Avatar
    How does this compare to duo crisp?
  15. Avatar
    How do you do multiple things at once in these?
    For example if you wanted to steam rice, fry chicken and fry veg?

    Dont you end up having to get more than one to cook everything in?