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Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker [OP500UK], 9-in-1, 7.5L, Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Brushed Steel and Black - £149 @ Amazon

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Lowest ever price according to the camels. The downside to this model is it has an extra lid to store

Family-size capacity
The pressure cooker that crisps – TenderCrisp Technology
Multiple Cooking Functions: Pressure Cook, Air Crisp, Slow Cook, Steam, Sear/Saute, Bake/Roast, Grill, Yoghurt and Dehydrate
Pressure cook up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods* (*Compared with slow-cooking, simmering or braising.)
Includes 2-tier reversible rack, dishwasher-safe 7.5 Litre cooking pot and 4.7 Litre Cook and Crisp basket
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. menz83's avatar
    I've had 2 ninjas now, first one the fan failed within the first year and the heating element nearly caught fire. Returned and got this, in under 2 years the pressure cooker tab on the lid had failed and no longer seals so can't pressure cook.

    Bought the instant pot 13 in 1 for the same price at costco last week. Only 1 lid for all functions, massively quieter and feels like I much more solid device so I wouod definitely consider one of these before jumping in on a ninja
  2. dani.sabchev's avatar
    You can also buy it from their own webasite (same price as amazon). Use Blue Light Discount for further 10% discount
    bestec2's avatar
    Got it for £134
  3. Daverobeo's avatar
    Bargain, had mine about 18 months and used it almost every day. A lot of people are surprised by how big these are though, maybe worth checking the dimensions before ordering.
  4. lestamunda's avatar
    Cracking price for a cracking product. Use ours virtually everyday.
    I would say maximum 3 people worth of food in this one.
  5. morillo1976's avatar
    How does this compare to the other one that was posted (OL550UK) with the smart lid for £189? Is the other one worth the extra money?
    Frostie5's avatar
    Is the 550 a newer version of this one ?,so it's 11 in 1 vs 9 in 1, also says 9 in 1 is 1700 watts and 11 in 1 is only 1000 watts on the amazon listing that's quite low,but 11 in 1 has smart lid whatever that is maybe just so you dont need 2 lids but why did they lower the volume and watts :/ (edited)
  6. guttediam's avatar
    Hi, does anyone know what the guarantee is from ninja ie 12 months + longer if registered online?
  7. kamranRus's avatar
    It's available on ninja website if anyone's still interested.
  8. HUKD123's avatar
    sophiie.baruwa's avatar
    4 in stock
  9. pippa999's avatar
    i have one of these and it is absolutely brilliant, we don’t have an oven and haven’t for 15 mths now (on-going re-furb) and there is nothing we can’t do in here. would highly recommend
    fahed2000's avatar
    Do you mind me asking 1) can it replace a rice cooker 2) what about Sous vide?
  10. MeMeandi's avatar
    Amazing price. Grab it before price goes back up
  11. amoulden's avatar
    Hardly ever use my oven since getting one of these....use it everyday....Great price
  12. maac56's avatar
    Fantastic price , we have had one for many months and paid a lot more for it.

    Don't hesotsate to buy , rush and buy at this great price, A Bargain !
  13. borsuk's avatar
    I'll join in and say, we use ours on daily basis too. Only use oven for pizza once a month now or something 😄. I would definitely snatch it at that price. Great find OP
  14. mad2477's avatar
    Seconds away from pulling the trigger but couldn’t justify the price when my second hand/£8 air fryer does everything I ask if of it already…  Does look good though 
  15. Pukka.deal's avatar
    Ordered, thanks for posting
  16. LunaUntouchable's avatar
    Thank you 🙏🏽 bought one on 5 month 0% interest
  17. Misato's avatar
    Heat added, we got the 11-in-1 last June and use it everyday, almost never use oven and don’t often use the hob. Wouldn’t be without one now! 
  18. mark6220's avatar
    Ninja foodie are as good as they get. These prices are really good.
    I baked some beautiful bread today in mine.
  19. Holtey's avatar
    Been waiting for a deal like this! Thanks OP ordered!
  20. MoQ.'s avatar
    Thanks OP, think i ordered the last one as the deals no longer available at the listed price when i click the link.

    Appreciate it
  21. dogsballs's avatar
    I have the one before this (op300 I think) and can say if this is even the same then its a great bit of kit and a great price
  22. scottydogg81's avatar
    I have the duel air fryer any advantage of me getting this as well?
    kirstie2806's avatar
    Definitely. I do a pot full of veggies in the pressure cooker in 4 mins. Pressure cook my Sunday roast. Steam fish etc. use the sear for bolognaise etc. never use another pan again
  23. kirstie2806's avatar
    Excellent price. I’ve had one 2 years gets used daily only use my oven once a week to bake my dogs food. Debating whether to buy this as a spare at this price
    Frostie5's avatar
    Can't air fry the dogs food ?
  24. Niqabi921's avatar
    Had mine about 3yrs would happily buy another if it died
    Great price think I paid £250 but even for that well worth it.

    Same price at Very and possible TCB
  25. Hi2345's avatar
    This one or the other Ninja Foodi that's on offer, the 11 in 1
    jaykaykay's avatar
    I went for the other one, we don't have a huge amount of storage space.
  26. Smeeble's avatar
    Just joining in on the love-in, got this exact model and it's awesome. Bought a dehydrator rack for ours so can make jerky in it. Awesome when doing kids frozen bits, just lob in, cooks quicker and better than the oven
  27. dan.lodge's avatar
    With a growing family, we cook a bag of chips at a time! Can this cook a whole bag of chips in one go?
    amoulden's avatar
    Not really, they don't cook well if on top of each other....smaller batches are great though
  28. psd99's avatar
    Noticed this drop in the morning
    This is a fantastic price
    Lowest ever
    Best purchase ive ever made in the last year
  29. jammiejam2k69's avatar
    I have one of these and that great paid 250 though
  30. 19pc71's avatar
    Crackin piece of kit & great price.. ive only used my oven twice in over 6 months since gettin this
  31. Penniesmakepounds's avatar
    Great price for this one

    Think it's 6l, not 7.5l as stated in the description. (edited)
    jaykaykay's avatar
    I think you are correct. As the dimensions are the same as the 11 in 1 on offer and that is 6L.
  32. 31220's avatar
    torn between value and 7.5 L of OL500 vs extra functions of OL550 but only 6L
  33. jim.jhohassen's avatar
    Live chat says 7.5L.
  34. scottydogg81's avatar
    Bitten the bullet and gone for this
  35. kwasny2000's avatar
    Was looking to buy new one lid 15 in 1, but never had one and not sure if its worth waiting or just buy this. Much more different for newbie.
  36. jonhoggy's avatar
    Will this air fry chips as good as the AF300 model that only air fries?
    Penniesmakepounds's avatar
    I would think so. I have an older version of this one and the air fryer mode is brilliant.
  37. cjp2's avatar
    How much of an issue is swapping lids or is the slightly smaller one with smart lid better ? Thanks
  38. fessybear's avatar
    Ordered thanks OP, had some gift card balance so ended up paying £110.
    Been meaning to get an air fryer for some time, added pressure cooking function won me over 😁👌
  39. justmeeeeAsh's avatar
    I absolutely hate cooking
    This thing almost does on its own with minimal effort
    I have a different model though but only used slow cooker and pressure cooker options and it’s a breeze
    Cook in large batches and freeze
  40. Sedila's avatar
    Hi there, I recently bought airmax airfryer and used for 1 week. Can I return it does ninja accept? and is that make sense to replace with this one thanks.
    Penniesmakepounds's avatar
    I'm not sure if they take returns if you've used the product. There's some information on here which might help: support.ninjakitchen.co.uk/hc/…rns
's avatar