Ninja Gaiden 3  Wii U £31.46 @ Zavvi

Ninja Gaiden 3 Wii U £31.46 @ Zavvi

Found 22nd Jan 2013
cheapest available by £8.50, probably will go cold as nobody likes the console.
I bet if black ops 2 got discounted by £3 it would go super hot :P

Next cheapest:
shopto ebay outlet 39.85
Amazon 39.99
Game 44.99
Ebay 44.99

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got my copy yesterday great game now theyve added the stuff that should have already been there.
Good find thanks!
Hot, thanks op.

Btw the console is great
Nobody likes the console? What a strange, generalised comment. Sony and Microsoft fanboys don't constitute everyone.
"probably will go cold as nobody likes the console."

I see this on every Wii U Deal. Might start voting cold every deal that says this
I've a feeling every new device will be 'hated' by everyone until everyone accepts five years later that the device was, in fact, one of the best things to happen to gaming ever. It happened to PS3, it'll happen to PS Vita and it'll probably happen to Wii U (as a Sony 'fanboy', that is quite generous of me to say).
Nice price - £50 instore at Game!
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