Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (Nintendo DS) £5.99 delivered @

Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword (Nintendo DS) £5.99 delivered @

Found 15th Oct 2009Made hot 16th Oct 2009
Innovative DS Stylus Functionality: All action - including movement and attacks - can be performed using a DS stylus! Slashing over the on-screen enemies renders a sword attack, while tapping them summons up a shuriken (ninja star) attack. Many more skills, such as "izuna-otoshi" (the Izuna drop), "hien" (flying swallow) and "ninpo" (magic attacks), can be enacted with the DS stylus!
Powerful 3D Action Visuals: Enjoy the lavish graphics on this exceptional Nintendo DS game as you fight your way through increasingly tough skirmishes. Hayabusa's repeated battles with the enemies seeking to impede his progress are captured with dynamic camera work that elegantly highlights his vigorous resolve.
Dual Screens Fully Utilised: The wealth of beautiful depicted scenes throughout the story presented on the dual screens is a major attraction. A spectacular and original quest featuring an ardent character is brought to life in Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword. Six months after a despicable violation, Hayabusa stands on the verge of an epic new journey!


Fantastic price for a really great game! Heat added

It's quite a good game if not particularly long or original. I think it only took around 6 hours to complete IIRC. The graphics though are great for the DS, it all run's smoothly and it's quite enjoyable. I ended up trading mine in for more money than I bought it after I had completed it lol.
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