Nintendo 3DS console only £99.99 @ BP sites

Nintendo 3DS console only £99.99 @ BP sites

LocalFound 29th Nov 2011
just checked the BP offers site and the current hot deal is a nintendo 3ds for £99.99 which seemed cheap for the price.
havent seen this posted yet so sorry if seen before

Direct link:…/69

- calmacuk

do not forget to take/get a code from above website before going to BP!!
- magicbeans
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where is it?
From BP? Are you sure? Looked on site and surprisingly its stuff about oil! Where is the Nintendo offer you mention? It's not April 1st you know!

Pick up at certain BP garages. Print off voucher on the offers site.
How can you find your nearest station?
Fifteen quid off, and an odd (read very odd) supplier.

Nuet from me
no BP's up North participating good deal though seeing as you can grab a Mario game round the £25 mark too
Garage doing the deal nearest to Leeds = 93 miles!

None north of Birmingham?!
cold none in north east
hot deal is odd deal
but is hot deal
strange deal

Is the item delivered to a garage shop for collection?

Do you need a BP ID as well?

not a BP near me for about an hour and half

cold none in north east

Just because you can't get it doesn't make it a cold deal? Are you that retarded?

Post a better deal and I'll let you off...
Weird but great. I dont mean to sound smug but there are several BP stations near me so I've printed my voucher and I'm off to get mine (though fully prepared for them to say "sorry sold out" when I get there). Thanks OP - heat added.
only down south!
Be nice if they'd give it away with a tank full of petrol, which they charge approaching £99 for as well!

Hot price, agree this is an odd supplier, but heat added for the price.
Bargain if you can get one. Didn't think we'd see them this cheap for another 6 months.
great price, might think abut getting one from solihull...
Few BP stations in London
nearest on to the capital of wales is 25 miles, . drive 25 miles, 50 miles round trip.

How can you find your nearest station?

Click on the lonk and half way down the screen is a Find Store icon. That will show you the nearest ones. It took me a couple of minutes to see it.
Nearest one from me is about 1 mile but i dont want one lol
Wow this is weird, will they really have stock of 3DS's in a petrol station kiosk?
Good at oil spills, not so good at electrical retailing.
If i didnt see it with my own eyes i wouldnt believe it !
The OH is a truck driver so we might be able to take advantage of this ( despite being oop north ) cheers
Just picked up an aqua blue 3DS from BP Addington Croydon, they also have black in stock for those local. Great price £20 cheaper than the amazon and sainsburys deals leaving extra money towards case and games! Thanks op
excellent deal but no BP sites in the north west, nearest one is stoke!
tempting....9 miles away
Great deal. Unfortunately the nearest services to me with the offer is around 150 miles away. I like driving, but no...

Hot either way.
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Good deal if you have one near you but none in N. Ireland are participating
bp garages arent the strangest places to get these... they sell them in my local pub too and they are only £35, using discount code "gotnething4salemate" I was going to list it on here but thought it would get so hot my laptop would melt.
well im north est and dunfermline not far to get one

excellent deal but no BP sites in the north west, nearest one is stoke!

Stoke not on the list - I can chose between Solihull or Prestwick (which is 'North' for the geographically challenged) both over 300 miles round trip. Hot for the OP - cold for BP!
Gotta be the oddest location for the cheapest 3DS - Airplane tickets for vacuum cleaners anyone?
My kids did say they wanted 3DS's for Christmas
I haven't started looking yet, but I'm sure you have

Is this a good price - or is there a better deal elsewhere?

thank you
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