NIntendo 3DS - Ice White/Coral Pink £89.00 @ Amazon

NIntendo 3DS - Ice White/Coral Pink £89.00 @ Amazon

Found 6th Jan 2015
Most game stores that let you trade in will take a mint condition 3DS boxed for £60, so if you need a 3DS to play the new pokemon games or whatever it may be, but don't want to spend a bunch (since the "new 3ds" could be out in a couple of months).

Then buying this + alpha sapphire/omega ruby will only cost you £119.

When you register both of these (as long as it's before the 12th January 2015), then you get a free game worth around £25-£30.

So if you only need a console to see you through until the "new 3DS" comes out it seems good, you only end up losing about £30.

Don't bother getting if you can wait.


£10 cheaper at tesco dude


The New 3DS will be going for £155.99 (I think) so for those that want a newer and more powerful then the New 3DS is their ideal 3DS.

It'll also have exclusive New 3DS games that you can't play on the 3DS.
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