Nintendo 3DS XL In-store and Online £149 @ ASDA

Nintendo 3DS XL In-store and Online £149 @ ASDA

Found 22nd Mar 2013
Just went to Asda to have a look around, and well yeah, was surprised to see these priced at this price.

Also have a bundle with the newest Layton at £175.

Both beat the best of Amazon and what I can see from UK anyway.
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looks like a good deal.
Don't get the Layton bundle. The 3DS Layton game is under £20 at Zavvi at the moment.
Good deal, but isn't this one better?…e=2

Limited edition console and Super Mario 3D land game too for £10 more.

Might take as while to come though as it's though Groupon/The Hut.


It's still available for the console only from Amazon Italy for £130…e=3
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Yeah obviously they are both better at cash value.....but summed why they kinda aren't as well. Both have more hassle to them.
I'd rather pay the 160 mark for one with Mario Kart or 3D Land

Both are outstanding must have games (MK on 3DS is probably the best version ever) and you're effectively getting them for £10 deal better, but best one for local deal!
Save £19 and buy from or spend the extra £11 for Super Mario 3D land + white. Cold.
£179 in my asda.
It's £175 with Monster Hunter on Zavvi atm
Ah thanks so much. Been watching these for a while, best price I've seen so far was on Amazon back in November at £154.99 for the blue one. Didn't much fancy the risk of the Italian deal and judging by the latest post they were coming in at £138.95 inclding postage and transaction fee and so saving £10.05, not worth potential hassle/worry IMO. Job done, ordered, one happy 13 year old
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