Nintendo DS Bundle = DS Lite starter pack, 4in1 USB charger cable, Lord Of The Rings Conquest + Rock Revolution - £10.18 delivered at MyMemory
Nintendo DS Bundle = DS Lite starter pack, 4in1 USB charger cable, Lord Of The Rings Conquest + Rock Revolution - £10.18 delivered at MyMemory

Nintendo DS Bundle = DS Lite starter pack, 4in1 USB charger cable, Lord Of The Rings Conquest + Rock Revolution - £10.18 delivered at MyMemory

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Blue Ocean Accessories Black Starter Pack for DS Lite:
Everything you need for your new or existing DS console in one handy bundle pack which includes the following:
- 2 x Replacement styli pens in black
- 1 x Set of white stereo headphones with a Nintendo DS audio connector
- 1 x Antistatic Cleaning Cloth
- 1 x White zip up EVA case with wrist strap which protects your DS console from any unnecessary knocks, drops or scratches

Universal 4in1 USB Charger Cable:
Recharge your portable consoles and iPod with the convenient, all in one Universal USB Charger and Data Cable. Compatible with the Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and Apple iPod.
The USB2.0 link connects to the following cables:

- Recharge Cable for the Nintendo DS Lite
- Data link / recharge cable for the Apple iPod
- Recharge cable for the Sony PSP
- Recharge Cable for the Nintendo DS

Lord Of The Rings: Conquest:
The game recreates a wide range of scenes from both the films and the books, including Gandalf’s fight against the Balrog in the Mines of Moria and the Battle of Isengard, where you can play as a tree-like Ent. There are two separate campaigns, for the forces of good and evil, with the latter allowing you to rid oliphaunts in the attack on Minas Trith or to fight as trolls at Helm’s Deep.

Online up to sixteen people can fight in the one battle, across a multitude of different competitive and co-operative game modes. If you can’t play online though up to four people can still fight it out in the splitscreen mode.
- Play as Evil characters in a brand new, 'Evil' campaign. Battle through scenarios after Frodo failed to destroy the One Ring
- It's good to be bad!
- Acclaimed Battlefront gameplay in a fantasy setting allows players to choose the way they fight, as Warrior, Archer, Mage or Scout in melee and ranged combat
- Local multiplayer - split-screen with up to 4 players competitively or 2 player co-op
- A massive cast of characters & weapons adds great depth to the gameplay: Heroes, Wargs,Ents, Oliphaunts, Cave-trolls, the Balrog, Nazgul, ballistae, and more!

Rock Revolution (Nintendo DS):
Release your inner rock star or allow your friends the privilege of picking up an axe or pounding the skins with you to 40 mind bending rock and roll tracks!

- Choose between drums, bass, guitar and vocal
- Rhythm-based gameplay uses stylus gestures for rhythm matching
- Complete combos to see your character pull off moves like scissor kicks
- Customisable venues allow users to unlock stage props like fireworks displays and laser shows
- Get together with your friends and play songs as a band or against one another via wireless
- Power-up your character and band with new picks, sticks, and amps
- Choose from 20 songs to rock out to
- Choose between multiple modes for the ultimate Rock Revolution experience
- Rock Out (single) - choose a song and an instrument and play single songs
- Career Mode (single) - take your band from the garage to the top of the charts
- Suit up your band with new gear and rack up huge amounts of cash
- Take on new challenges like mastering a song in the recording studio, or playing a set list of multiple songs
- Co-Op Mode (multiplayer, 2-4 players) - create a band with your friend or join a band that's looking to "hire"
- Work together with friends to achieve massive scores
- Battle Mode (multiplayer, 2-4 players) - go head-to-head with your friends and family
- Custom Battle - every player must play the same instrument with the same character
- Ultimate Battle - game randomly chooses instrument, character, song and venue


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Why expired still in stock?

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