Nintendo DS Games only £4.93 each + Free Delivery @ The Hut (Diabolik - The Original Sin / Legend Of Kage 2 / Overlord - Minions / Elements of Destruction)

Nintendo DS Games only £4.93 each + Free Delivery @ The Hut (Diabolik - The Original Sin / Legend Of Kage 2 / Overlord - Minions / Elements of Destruction)

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Found 3rd Nov 2009
Diabolik - The Original Sin

Based on the multi-million selling comic book classic, Diabolik ? The Original Sin lets you take over as gentleman thief Diabolik in his greatest adventure yet. Unravel The Original Sin?s mystery in classic point?n?click-style adventure, full of engaging puzzles and action-based mini-games.
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* PEGI 16+,
* Game contains depictions of violence

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Legend Of Kage 2 ]LINK HERE
The hit arcade game is back! THE LEGEND OF KAGE 2's nerve-shredding brand of ninja action is set to take over both screens of the Nintendo DS, engulfing players in a whirlwind of flashing katana, screaming shuriken and breathtaking mid-air combat. With elaborate stages and a compelling narrative focusing on two unforgettable heroes, THE LEGEND OF KAGE 2 breathes new life into the classic arcade action game from TAITO.

High-Speed Gameplay: Test your reflexes over 12 action-packed stages offering true arcade gameplay on both screens of the Nintendo DS.

Extreme Ninja Action: Run up walls, leap tall trees, and unleash a variety of devastating Ninjutsu arts with effects as diverse as self-duplication and dragon summoning!

Two Playable Characters: Master the distinctive fighting styles of either Kage the Ninja or Chihiro the Kunoichi, and follow their personal stories to their dramatic conclusion.

Character Customisation: Choose from 17 different Ninjutsu techniques to match your personal style of play and the unique challenges facing you.

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Overlord - Minions ]LINK HERE
Meet Giblet, Blaze, Stench and Zap - your elite Minion crew. Assisted by Gnarl, and guided by you, use this commando crew to negotiate warped enemies and fiendish puzzles to hunt down the Kindred.

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Elements of Destruction ]LINK HERE
Product Description

* Create lightning, tornadoes, earthquakes, and many other forces of nature. Increase your power until you have mastered all of Mother Nature's forces
* Blow buildings apart, start raging fires and damaging lightning as you cause mayhem in towns, cities, and the countryside!
* Go head-to-head to see who can cause the most damage in Destruction mode or destroy buildings on your opponent's map in Double Cross mode
* Use the Nintendo DS stylus to direct the forces of nature over rural, suburban and urban locations
* Increase the strength of the fires created by the Special Lightning Storm by blowing into the Nintendo DS microphone
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