Nintendo DS in Cobalt Blue
Nintendo DS in Cobalt Blue

Nintendo DS in Cobalt Blue

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Great price for one of these. Quite a rare colour too. I haven't personally seen one this cheap but then I am not shopping for one, I just stumbled across this whilst looking at Blu-Rays.

I have ordered from Movietyme many times and have always received good service, some items from USA can take a while but this is 1-2 days delivery tax and duty paid!

Sorry if it has been posted somwhere else or there is cheaper! I have had a look through the new additions but didnt see anything.

It is free delivery i believe but only 1 per household. Not sure quidco works with movietyme.



It's a nice price but comes with a "30 day limited guarantee"

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good spot, never see that.

i tried to get one of these at xmas, dam it ended up getting him a silver one


cobalt blue :)... wow im aroused

hmm, i assume the 30 day warranty is because it'll be a north american DS and that's all they get over there.

consumers rights are a loooooong way behind ours in the UK.

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we are looked after alot better that the USA consumers. some of their warranties on electrical items are very poor, hence the reason why it seems they always get things cheaper!

Also all DS consoles are region free.

The cobalt blue is out over here in September so will be a little cheaper than that.

I don't trust their "pre-paid tax" claim at all. I think they ship undercover with a false declaration on the package.

I love my cobalt blue, but it is only the top cover that is blue and the
rest is just a regular black ds - maybe deal extreme will start selling
the shell soon?! dunno how hard it is to take these things apart!

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can't say i have ever had any problems with postage from them. As for it being released in September here, I doubt very much it will be less than this price. Most places sell the DS at £99.99, cheapest place I have seen a UK DS is Tesco online at just over £90 a few weeks back.

You never know though, it may well be. :thumbsup:

I just bought a DS yesterday, damn! Granted though I did trade in a few games and it only cost me 20 quid.

Like the Blue and the Red ones. To get any DS for less than 99.99 without being second hand is a good deal to me.

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Nintendo Euro wont give these any warranty

back in stock

When you add it to the "cart" and then view "cart contents":

*** This item is temporarily sold out in the quantity you require. Please reduce the quantity, or delete from your cart in order to continue checking out.

Still available in red... I've just ordered one to replace my black one which will be on ebay soon

works for me, just ordered... not expired.

Working again now, i presume it doesn't come with a u.k charger adapter thingy? Anyone know where to buy one of these from.

It came with a UK charger. Still available but £5 more, still a good price
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