Nintendo DS Lite & 2 Games - £79.99 (2nd hand)

Nintendo DS Lite & 2 Games - £79.99 (2nd hand)

Found 15th May 2007
Nintendo DS lite with 2 games, £79.99 + £4.95 P&P. 2% back via quidco.

I saw these the other day, they had a black and pink one, but when I got round to ordering one there wasnt any left in stock, they had a black and a white one available today and I just ordered the black one so worth keeping an eye on the site if there isnt any available today.


gr8 find ty was gonna buy i in town today for my daughters birthday glad i didnt as this is gr8 save

why so cold?

Why so cold? These are still going for £100 second hand on eBay without games..

Good deal IMO

Great Deal me thinks.
This deal is not available instore - Infact a preowned lite console will cost you £89.99 Instore on its own, £65 for the original design.
Blockbusters will sell you a preowned lite console, instore, for £69.99.

The games themselves will be worth £15 each so that works out at about £49.99 ish for the console alone (for a few cosmetic scratches) but that can easily be sorted with a few cheap stick on vinyls, or gel/rubber covers from ebay....

Haven't voted cold but it's only an ok deal.

Brand new DS lites are £84 delivered from ebuyer

Choice of games is limited.

I suppose people see £85 second hand and vote cold even tho it's got 2 games.

There are some right numpty's on here regarding voting. They vote cold but don't point in the direction of a better deal.

Use a touch of T-Cut for Metallic Paint on surface scratches, take as much care as you would on your car bodywork and they come out a treat.

You can use the standard T-Cut, but the Metallic stuff is less harsh

this is a good deal. As long as the units are in good condition.

Great deal - voted hot!


i found this myself a few days ago for someone in classifieds who wanted a ds lite - its a good deal.

but ds lites on their own are not going for £100 on ebay - i tried to sell my brothers ds lite + 3 great games, and got nothing more than £60 offers, and i tried to sell that for £100.

but this is a fair price.

could u not buy this deal then trade in the games for a great deal on just the ds lite????

oh man, which games should i get? hmmmmmmmmz

Handy Hint - If you're looking to trade the games, use this site [url][/url] to check out the trade value.
Remember, if the cex trade price is more than gamestation, they will beat it by £1.

looking for one of these form my lad, second hand suits me as its not going to get looked after.

voted hot


i paid this much for one alone but i needed it quickly as they cost alot in shops and needed a brand new one.
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