Nintendo ds lite

Nintendo ds lite

Found 9th Dec 2007
I spoke to a guy in zavvi in merryhill dudley today and he told me there will be a shipment of ds lite in black and silver being delivered for tommorrow.
£99 basic set.

He recons they will be gone within hours


Sorry to hijack thread but if anyone in the Brighton area wants one then PM me for the reservation code for a white DS lite - will be £99.99 though you can get a free stlus kit with it as well I think. The reservation is until the end of tomorrow - Monday. Change of work plans means unfortunately I am no longer able to pick it up.

Oh, it's the Brighton Carden Avenue store.

Why is this expired?

is this all stores or just merryhill??? thanks op!

Just probable information, so not really a deal in the normal sense and not really sure if valid as no way to check yet!

The Psp is better than the DS anyway


The Psp is better than the DS anyway

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