Nintendo DS Lite Black £95.94 from

Nintendo DS Lite Black £95.94 from

Found 22nd Jan 2009
Nintendo DS Lite Black Game Console

The smaller, sleeker version of the original Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DS Lite combines dual screen action with Touch Screen interaction, providing the player with a unique gaming experience. The system also includes wireless communication technology, allowing gamers to join their friends in multiplayer games, or use the system's embedded PictoChat software to send messages and drawings to each other. The Nintendo DS Lite is revolutionising handheld gaming.

Dual Screens
With two super-sharp, backlit LCD screens, the Nintendo DS Lite offers a groundbreaking new approach to gaming. Each 3-inch screen is capable of producing true 3D graphics; the DS has the power to produce even more advanced visuals than the Nintendo 64 could display. Plus you can adjust the screens' brightness in four different levels to adapt to different lighting conditions.

The possibilities are limitless - one screen can be used to show the main action, while another might be used as a map, inventory, or secondary viewpoint - or both screens can be used simultaneously to depict huge boss characters!

Tousch Screen Technology
The DS Lite's lower screen utilises Touch Screen technology for an experience unlike any other rival handheld system.

Use the DS stylus that's included with every system to write numbers on the Touch Screen or to make a note of your discoveries in games like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Draw pictures and send them to your friends with PictoChat, control the on-screen action with more finesse than ever before, or navigate menus instantly at the touch of a fingertip. Touch Screen technology means that whether controlling Samus Aran in Metroid Prime Hunters or stroking a dog's tummy in Nintendogs, you'll be playing games in a whole new way!

The stylus is stored in the side of the unit, while the Touch Screen features a tough film cover for extra durability.

As well as Touch Screen control, Nintendo DS Lite also includes a digital +Control Pad and 8 action buttons, catering for every possible play style.

For Nintendo DS Lite, the +Control Pad and buttons have been redesigned to be even more responsive and comfortable to use.

Nintendo DS Lite packs a microphone port, allowing you to communicate with your friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in selected games, as well as interact with the game environment in brand-new ways!

Teach your puppy tricks with the sound of your voice in Nintendogs, or blow dust off an object in Hotel Dusk: Room 215 to solve a puzzle. Certain games, like Metroid Prime:Hunters and Puzzle League DS even allow you to talk to your friends during a gameplay session over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, even if they are miles away

Stereo Sound
Nintendo DS Lite boasts built-in stereo speakers for optimal sound quality (with surround sound in certain games) and a headphone socket for private play. The powerful audio capabilities of Nintendo DS Lite will immerse gamers in a world of atmospheric sound effects and vibrant music.

Wireless Network
The Nintendo DS Lite's wireless communication technology allows up to 16 gamers to connect on a local wireless network. The distance within which players can connect with one another ranges from between 30 and 100 feet.

While certain games require each player to own a copy of a game in order to participate in a multiplayer session (i.e. Multi-Card Play), there are many titles that support Single-Card Play. This means that only one player actually needs a copy of the game, whereas up to 15 others (depending on the software) can use the Download Play feature of their Nintendo DS Lite to participate in the game, or even download a demo version of the title.

Wireless technology also enables the Nintendo DS Lite to communicate with the Wii console, for example in the upcoming Pok?n Battle Revolution.

Note: Nintendo DS Lite wireless communication, including PictoChat, is not private and is not monitored by Nintendo. We recommend that you never reveal any personal information or arrange to meet a stranger.

Backwards Compatibility
The Nintendo DS Lite features two separate ports, one for DS Game Cards and one for Game Boy Advance Game Paks. The DS Lite is compatible with the GBA's entire back catalogue of games, giving the system access to hundreds of titles (playable in single player mode only).

Extra Features
With a powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and recharger included with every Nintendo DS Lite, the system offers up to 19 hours of play on a single recharge*; so theres no need for additional battery packs. Nintendo DS Lite recharges to full capacity in three hours - one hour less than Nintendo DS.

The system also includes a clock, calendar and alarm functions, and you can select other details like the colour of the background screen, your birthday and your nickname.

*Nintendo DS Lite battery life is dependent on brightness setting used


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I got stuff from them before, but it was a long time ago. Did they went worse since that?

My personal experience was only last week, and is of course just my experience. I had to take two days off work for a delivery that didn't arrive as promised. Not their fault that I was waiting in a house with no services connected as we weren't due to take possession till the end of the week, staring at the walls in the freezing cold for nothing. £50 delivery charge on the TV by the way!!!

Anyway, by the time I realised it wasn't coming they were closed, so I emailed them asking them to phone me first thing the next morning (not having electricity at the house means i couldn't receive an email). I heard nothing at all, and guess what, they had emailed me.

The long and the short of it was, I paid £50 for a delivery that didn't turn up, had to take an extra day off work the next day, froze my balls off and in the email they explained the TV was "sent on the wrong route".

To say they couldn't have cared less is understating it.

Their 'order tracking' part of their website is useless - my order spent two days showing as "on hold", followed by three days as "shipping in 1-3 days". It never showed it as despatched, never gave a delivery date, and if I hadn't contacted THEM, I wouldn't have known which day to take off work in the first place! Even then, the delivery date they gave me was wrong. They did manage to email me an invoice, that arrived before the TV.

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