nintendo ds lite   + brain training

nintendo ds lite + brain training

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OK.. I am a little confused why this has been rated cold!! I have just ordered one thanks to this post! Have been looking all day and it's great to see somewhere with it in stock! Heat added...can't see how to do rep though!

Any reason for the cold votes??

Cheers, J.

Original Poster

no idea why it has been given a cold ,thought it was a good deal myself couldnt find 1 all week,but orderd it and it be here before christmas,this is my first ost on here thats why no picture but had to tell about the deal

I have just ordered one for my bro in law as there were none in stock anywhere else. The price is good so I vote this hot!


Ordered one as well. Price is good. Voted hot.

not sure why this is cold,
enlight me pls.

Ok that's good then, I thought perhaps people had had bad experiences with the merchant or something. I nearly got one earlier from a local Argos for£150 with an accessory pack and 2 games, but both games were practically useless, was really pleased to see this offer!

Good find Vinywad

mine is already dispatched! hot hot hot!
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