Nintendo DS Lite Deluxe Accessory Pack - £16.99 delivered

Nintendo DS Lite Deluxe Accessory Pack - £16.99 delivered

Found 20th Jul 2006 has this Nintendo DS Lite Deluxe Accessory Pack for £16.99 delivered

A must have accessory pack for your Nintendo DS Lite which contains: Protective Case, 3 x Stylus Earphones, AC Adapter / Charger, Remote Battery Back Up, Car Charger, 1 x GBA Game Case, 4 x DS Game Case, Screen Protector, Cleaning Cloth.


Looks like the one I got in Argos with the DS (not lite). It wasn't that good. How many of those accessories do you need?

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It depends what you look for.

Buying as a bundle is cheap.

I just want a back-up battery.

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A spare battery for DS Lite costs between 10-12 inc delivery & may be bit cheaper in ebay. ;-)

I did better than this the other day. Empire Stores have got it at £14.99. I added something else to my order to top it up to £20 for the shop and used a £10 plus free P&P discount code.

My total order was about £12 which included some nice trackie bottoms my OH was after.

Slightly longer winded, I know, but I think that's part of the fun sometimes!

Hi skodaboy - welcome to HUKD from all the members here!
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