Nintendo DS lite from £80 delivered at Littlewoods

Nintendo DS lite from £80 delivered at Littlewoods

Found 8th Jul 2006
Nintendo DS lite is £110 delivered at Littlewoods.

I agree this is not a cheap price but the advatange of using discount vouchers can lower the price by up to £30.00, which means you can grab a DS Lite for £80 delivered.

The Nintendo DS Lite brings you all the powerful, portable fun of the original DS but in a lighter, slimmer design with brighter screens and improved battery life. It weighs 60g less and is just two thirds of the original size. It has a longer, thicker stylus and redesigned controls for improved comfort.

6% Quidco cashback too !
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Worth pointing out that the discounts are for NEW customers only though.
Thanks Syzable

£30 off is for new customers and is a safe bet. There are £25 off codes for existing customers too.
failed me! any voucher used gets message about must be on first order...and i'm new to littlewoods
You know, thats very tempting lol.

Could end up getting one soon. I'm addicted to the Tetris game and the new Super Mario Bros. games..

If anyone knows where to get them pretty cheaply, I'll be even happier
Designz, if you're interested in the New Super Mario Bros game and a DS lite at the same time, you might be better off looking at the deals offered by Gamestation. Think it's instore only though.

Designz, if you're interested in the New Super Mario Bros game and a DS … Designz, if you're interested in the New Super Mario Bros game and a DS lite at the same time, you might be better off looking at the deals offered by Gamestation. Think it's instore only though.

Hmm maybe ... although isn't gamestation's offer £110 inc any game?

I spotted Super Mario Bros. on for £25. So I'd save a 5er buying online .. £80 from littlewood and £25 from = £105

Oh yeah, whilst on I spotted another DS game that looked good. Atari Retro Classics - 10 games in 1. For the grand total of £10
You're right about the total cost; I thought they might have included an accessory pack as well, which is handy if you need some screen protectors. Not sure about that now.

I picked up New Super Mario Bros when HMV were doing their one day 20% off sale for under £19 (with quidco). I don't know how frequently they run such a promotion, but it's worth keeping an eye out for posts.
When is the discount applied shown? I was at the New Customer screen and the total was still being shown as £110.

Also it states 4 weeks for delivery, is this right?

In addition to the above, I am already a registered user on lxdirect, and as a result it appears I'm also registered on littlewoods-online even though I am unable to log in (lxdirect doesnt ask for DOB but littlewoods-online requires it to log in).

Would I be ok registering again on littlewoods-online?
The total discount must be applied before the payment screen if you are eligible to use the vouchers.
What about the registering thing? Am I allowed to take advantage of new customer voucher on littlewoods-online?
I would have thought even if you have registered before, you can still use a new customer code if this is your first order.

Apply a new customer voucher and make sure the discount is applied before your card payment.
Code doesn't work for credit card payments and projected delivery date is 7th August. Shame.
back at boots--ordered today, despatched today. extra points, quidco...yaddayaddayadda...
I've been thinking about this offer (I don't think very quickly) and I noticed on QuidCo you get £15 off your first order of £25 or more. If you are willing to also open an account with Littlewoods you could use the £30 off voucher.

Thus £110 - £15 - £30 = £65.

Anyone willing to try?

Also I was wondering if anyone has opened an account with them to qualify for the £30 voucher.... is it more trouble than its worth?
Dave, I'm afraid you misunderstood on Quidco's description of Littlewoods

Quidco merely points out that Littlewoods is a good site where you can get £15 off first order of £25 or more and you can set up a credit account etc...

Quidco gives 6% cashback with every purchase and this means you are better of going through Quidco and the use the £30 voucher.

Sorry to disappoint you.
Ah, thanks for clearing that up...
[SIZE=2]So you could get £30 off plus a further 6% back giving you a total of £36 off. Has anyone opened a credit account with them? Is it easy to cancel?[/SIZE]
The final price after going through Quidco is about £75 delivered
There seems to be some confusion. Let me clear something up.
This is a great offer!! You get the DS for FINAL price £80 (you got to set up new account - then remove the default discount voucher that Littlewoods provides for new customers and add the voucher code for £30).
You also get this Quidco 6% off (if you go through Quidco at the start)
AND it didn't take 4 wks to delivery - I got mine in 4 days.

You DO have to open up an account and go for the interest free payment option.

Hope that is clear..
Thanks yako. Congrats on your first post and welcome to the forum!
the price is a little bit high, wait for a low price then, I will buy one to my niece.

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any left.
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