Nintendo DS lite in white + 2 games for £99.99

Nintendo DS lite in white + 2 games for £99.99

Found 6th Oct 2006
Nintendo Bundle pack from Toys - R - Us online.

£99.99 and includes

* Nintendo DS Lite White Console
* Nintendo DS Nanostray
* Nintendo DS Peter Jacksons King Kong

If you use quidco there is 5% back too.
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Great deal, thanks
Also in black at the same price
Thanks katrb! Voted HOT!
I'm just gutted that my daughter wants a Pink one. If I pre-order a pink one it's going to cost me £99.99 and comes with no games.

I'm not sure if I should hang off and see if Toys R Us put a deal out on the pink one when it comes out on 27th October.
Worth noting that Peter Jackson's King Kong on the DS is among the ]worst games ever

That's only important if you're intending to play it, of course. :-D
Most likely there will be a deal for the pink one, the very least is £109 with a game for various retailers.

But the problem is there may be some shortages with the Pink DS Lite. There were shortages for the Pink DS Phat last year.

I think the best thing to do is pre order it from somwhere like Gamestation, and then on the day you pck it up see what packages they have with the Pink DS Lite.
Thanks GD I think I'll do that - didn't relaise there was a shortage of Pink ones last year.
King Kong for the DS sucks, but Nanostray is the shizz.
Just sell it on fleabay for a tenner and you're still quids in
Thanks, a great deal but toys-r-us never seem to have any in stock!
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