Nintendo DS Lite Red - £69.00 Delivered - Woolworths. Credit to OP of £30 off £60 Deal.
Nintendo DS Lite Red - £69.00 Delivered - Woolworths. Credit to OP of £30 off £60 Deal.

Nintendo DS Lite Red - £69.00 Delivered - Woolworths. Credit to OP of £30 off £60 Deal.

Buy forBuy forBuy for£69
GETGet dealVisit site and get deal
Nintendo DS From Woolworths - £99.00 Normally, £30 Coupon Code + Free Delivery Code.


Use at Checkout, This must be your first ORDER for £30 off.


Credit to OP of the deal: (For some reason its not hyperlinking)
Please Heat + Rep


neither code will work for me and im a new customer. voted cold

Original Poster

Really, Works fine for me, Just didnt order yet. Stil got it up as £69.

No, tried it twice and it says we have a problem with your code

Codes worked fine for me

Ordered mine with discount & free delivery.Estimated delivery 9/12/09.Had confirmation email with the following......

"If you use a cash discount promotion such as £10 off, and you pay for your order with a credit or debit card
then we will process your payment in two stages. First we will charge your card with the full price of the
order then we will refund your card with the value of the discount. Please note that the payment and refund
may not occur simultaneously but the refund will be made no later than when your order is despatched.
We hope you'll be very happy with your purchase, but should you need to return any item(s), we recommend
Collect+, our new returns service available at local stores, offering FREE returns with online tracking. To find your
nearest store visit www.collectplus.co.uk"

"Encountered a problem adding the promotion ZG003, please try again."

"Encountered a problem adding the promotion ZQ925, please try again."

"Encountered a problem adding the promotion XX607, please try again."

"Encountered a problem adding the promotion ZZ354, please try again."

"ZQ721 - Sorry, this promotion code cannot be applied to your order."

[COLOR="YellowGreen"]ZQ925 - GBP 10 VOUCHER


Added heat because it worked for other people =).

Worked fine here, heat added! Thank you

Oh got it to work for me =S... lol. Cheers.

Oh The Site Is Down Now Just My Luck

BTW senses, don't know if you want to add to your title, but you can also get the pink one at this price (turquoise sold out unfortunately!)

Looks like a Littelwoods site....does this mean they'll be taking the discounts back at some point?

codes work fine just have to keep adding them untill they go through diddnt get this item but got 3 other things used £30 code and free del code:thumbsup:

Seemed to accept the code for my order even though I have ordered previously.

However knowing Littlewoods track record they would probably charge me the full price, so its not worth it to be honest.


Looks like a Littelwoods site....does this mean they'll be taking the … Looks like a Littelwoods site....does this mean they'll be taking the discounts back at some point?

+1 the codes actually look the same as the littlewoods ones too, mines not even working

ooh i really hope this works, Ive been wanting a DS Lite for Christmas and have enough present money to buy it at this price!


Is it evil of me to hope that everyone else is in bed now, and my order will be safely processed by the time they flood the site in the morning?

Great deal, just ordered mine. It shows as £99 in my bank, but does say they will reimburse the code money. They had better as my invoice does say £69. Thanks :thumbsup:

Does this 30 quid off work for any item then?

If so, please for the love of cheese don't let this mean that every single item on the woolworths website is going to be posted seperately on here? like the annoying Zavvi crap! lol

I guess if so, we JUST need to know, you get 30 quid off for new customers when u spend a certain amount, its quite obvious just from that, most things are going to be a bargain..

Both codes worked for me first time.
Red hot.


just ordered sony digital camera already reduced plus additional 30 pounds and free p and p thank you another great christmas present:santa:

Worked a treat thanks.

Got one fab dea! l was bidding on ebay for 2nd hand going for £60 so this is great to get a new one, heat added

got warning bell, but they've got an extended garntee if you don't open, so gonna risk it
cross fingers

hot from me wasnt going to get one my daughter will be so happy
oh had to create a new account

ordered one at £69 but looking on order history been charged £99..sent them an email saying I don't want it if going to be charged full amount...... awaiting reply :x

Ordered one for my 4 year old, many thanks for posting!


why buy it from woolworths?! buy from additions direct(same company) and get more quidco.

Actually i think they changed it, woolworths is now 8%

Woolworths 3% Quidco on Games (would presume they would put consoles into games section)

Forgot to go Quidco for my order. Still great price

Worked for me also, christmas sorted heat +++

Site looks so familiar........Littlewoods maybe!!!!!!

heat and rep

Great find just got a Kodak digital camera worth £200 for £49.99 as it was already reduced.

thanks very much op:santa:

Hmmmm diddnt reeive email from them so just tracked online and it says order rejected anyone else found this to have happened diddnt even send an email advising of this

Fantastic, bought a pre-owned one from game for £60. Will get a refund. Have just ordered a pink ds lite. Both codes worked for me thanks! :thumbsup:

doesn't work on anything from entertainment site only main site:x

Good price for this! Just hope the code works for you guys.
Back in...May/June I managed to buy one from Additions for £60, as the DS Lites were on sale and reduced by £10, I then also got one for my girlfriend too, £60 again, I've always checked my accounts and the money has never been taken back. Maybe I just got lucky!


Site looks so familiar........Littlewoods maybe!!!!!!

YES looks that way :whistling:

Codes worked for me;-) . . . . merry christmas:santa:

Great deal. Pink one ordered for daughter. Thanks v much for posting.:thumbsup:
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