Nintendo DS Mario Case & Stylus pack - Only £5.00 reserve and collect @ Currys

Nintendo DS Mario Case & Stylus pack - Only £5.00 reserve and collect @ Currys

Found 4th Oct 2008
Thought this was good have ordered one to collect in store, getting ready for Christmas

Also available is Zelda and Princess Peach.

Available at PCWORLD too, these are £9.99 @ GAME.


just went to reserve its out of stock

take that back, its in stock to reserve and collect, ooops sorry x

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just went to reserve its out of stock

Shouldnt be its to reserve and collect, have yout tried for Zelda and also you could try PCWorld.:thumbsup:

Whats your nearest store?

Just reserved one plenty in my three closest stores in ayrshire scotland:)

thanks just orded 1

This is a case for NDS GAMES only.

Not for the DS itself..

As such it doesn't seem cheap to me ( particularly as many people now have all their games on one flash cartridge) . dealextreme have cheaper cases which you can fit your console in too.

I'd love to know how this is a good deal as I bought a Black Zelda one for £3.99 earlier this year in GAME.


you cant hold the ds inside of it so doesnt seem that great

We have the Zelda ones of these, bought cheap in Game. I have to say they look good, but the build quality is not great. Each game is held down by a springy plastic bit which breaks really easily. The actual clasp on the lid breaks easily too, and then it never shuts securely.

Even at £5 it's not great value - the rrp of some of these logo-laden 'official' accessories is ridiculous.

I'm always recommending ]this case instead at game.

a) No Mario (not everyone loves that guy and wants to pay extra to advertise Nintendo products)
b) holds styluses inside (room for one DS and one DS lite stylus)
c) comes with one glow in the dark DSL stylus
d) holds more games (9 vs. 6)
e) rubber padding inside (to be fair I don't know what the mario one contains)
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