Nintendo DS Replacement Stylus Kit - Now £2.99 @ Argos (was £5.99) !

Nintendo DS Replacement Stylus Kit - Now £2.99 @ Argos (was £5.99) !

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Posted nearly 2 months ago by leeds_united_afc & time for another heads up..

* Protective EVA hard case to protect your DS console or DS Lite console.

* Spare stylus 3pcs for DS and 2pcs for DS Lite.

* Size (H)4.22, (W)16.5, (D)10cm.

* For ages 8 years and over.


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Thanks for the reminder edi :thumbsup: and thanks to leeds_united_afc for the original post:thumbsup:

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sorry edi didnt see you put it on your listing already that I had posted it

Yep, really good deal. Picked one of these up last weekend.

Great deal. I'll throw some rep around.

If we're doing reminders, then fyi dealextreme has some decent prices on DS cases or extra styluses too (especially wacky colours and things like retractable metallic ones), but this is hard to beat.

Wilkinsons do a package with thumb stylus and screen protectors (and case and 2 stylus).

i take it the case is ds 'phat' sized? is there a way to secure a ds lite perhaps via an insert?
whats the inside lining of the case like?
seems a nice price anyway

Maybe a dumb question but wondering if these would work on an iphone

I bought one for my TomTom GO. It fits nicely and even has separate storage for extra SD cards.

ash riaz;3252963

Maybe a dumb question but wondering if these would work on an iphone

Dont work on mine.

picked ours up today, been outa stylus for a while so was very needed bargin
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The stylus in the picture are for the old phat DS - not the lites. They are different sizes. If product is as picture these will not stay in your lite as they are much smaller. I have a pic of difference in sizes which I'll post in a second

NB : I have both types of DS

Also handy for carrying a digital camera


Dont work on mine.


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still around
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