Nintendo DSI & a selected top game inc. Toy Story 3 only £99 in Asda and Online

Nintendo DSI & a selected top game inc. Toy Story 3 only £99 in Asda and Online

£99.99Asda Deals
Found 3rd Oct 2010
As title got one today from my local.Great for xmas.

There was only black available in my local store so not sure if other colours are part of the deal


Some of the games were Pokemon,Lego,Toy Story 3.

Also available online in the GROCERIES section!


- Xenu
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where online?
I saw this but was £115 in our store (plymouth).
brilliant price for dsi with a top game.
The Pokemon game is around £35 on the website..! Bargain.
Fab offer - online only showing black - does have of the stores have this in other colours ???
ASDA direct costs more.
Through ASDA groceries will need to pay delivery, unless you go instore.
Great price though.
I have 3 kids all want one on their Christmas lists - but would prefer 3 different colours ...... easier that way!
great deal, pity my son has clearly stated that he wants a metallic blue one!!! 5 year olds....
Thanks, will pop into Asda today and see if they have any. DS really wants the blue one though!
How about buying the black one and then getting different coloured protective covers??? Just an idea!
have had protectors for their ds lites - dont know if that would work. BUT if i am saving so much money - 3 dsi and 3 decent games for under £300 well they might just have to smile nicely and say thank you!
cant find the deal on asda website , where is it?
v good deal. Question is, Nintendo DSI v PSP?
great deal, thanks!

what worries me is that if ordered online, they could run out of stock today before the staff pick the stock tonight for deliveries tomorrow

v good deal. Question is, Nintendo DSI v PSP?

Better games on DSi at present, PSP has so far failed to live up to expectation tbh

And for those waiting for the 3D DSI - they have been delayed till around feb - mar before they even hit the Janpanese market.
I looked online but was also worried it would be OOS by tomorrow so went the 15 minute journey to my local asda to see if they had the deal, there were no signs or advertising for it so i asked if she could scan it to see if the deal worked and it did! any colour dsi came up at £97 and when i asked for the game to be put through aswell it totalled £99:D

they had a lot in stock so i would definately recommend asking a member of staff to put it through the till to check, as the ones on the shelf had £115 and a game for an extra £10 label, so it seems to be a quiet deal lol!

I am so happy with this though as my son wanted one for xmas and i was worried at how much they cost and not only have i got a steal on the dsi but i got the toy story 3 game aswell, so there will be a very happy 5 year old on xmas morning so thanks so much OP
Anyone bought it online?
couldn add it to basket!!
Quality - just bought online for delivery tomorrow, you need to add both the DSI and Game and discount automatically applied. Thanks OP this will make my son a happy bunny and save us some pennies for Christmas :-)
Local Asda doesnt open until 1pm (Northern Ireland) - heading down in hope that can get colours. Will post back later on my finds or hopefully fingers crossed buys !!
I went to Asda Living and the miserable assistant couldn't be bothered looking, and just said that they would not do the same deal as on the website ... got to love people who enjoy their job, and are helpful

So, I went to the Asda store in Lincoln - the assistant was really helpful and pointed me to a deal where you could get a DSi and a choice of 4 games, but it was advertised at £115. When I explained about the deal on the website, she just put through a discount and matched the price, with no quibble.

In store, I had a choice of 5 colours - Black, White, Light Blue, Red and another I took no notice of ... I got the red one for my little girl along with Pokemon ...

Cracking deal OP - one christmas present down, many more to go !!!
quidco !!!

Quality - just bought online for delivery tomorrow

Just done the same (another impulse buy). Noticed it said that I could be charged the in-store price on checkout ...
cant find it on the web site?

me too:|


cant find it on the web site?

Just been to Asda Stockton they had all the colours and games, thx to the poster of this deal saved me a few quid for xmas .they didnt know the deal in the shop it was showing as £97 for the dsi and £10 for the game but went through the till both for £99.........
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different deal on ASDA Direct.
I just bought one from the store.
As another post says, It says £115 on the shelf.BUT
It scans through as £99 for the deal.
DSi now £97 on their own.
They had all the 5 colours. Met blue/ light blue/ red/ black/ and white,
Think Toy story best if you looking for an exchange?

I also swapped my PS3 FIFA10 for FIFA11 for £15.

Not sure how they make any money, picked up a few of the 4GB sticks for £1.97 the other day too!
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cant find it on the web site?

Go to the groceries section - search for DSI - not the direct bit.
anyone know of a code for 1st time grocery orders?
can confirm deal is in downpatrick northern ireland. showing as 119 for console and £10 for game on shelf but both scan for £99 pound at till. only a few black and burgandy consoles left in stock . toy story 3 not in stock but other games are. excellent deal
Ok - just home from my quick trip to Asda .....
Got 3 dsi's plus 3 games Lego Harry Potter, Club Penguin and Pokemon.

Rang through at total of £305 to pay showing multibuy savings of £68.91 - reason it was £305 is that one of the games was more expensive - not sure which as consoles and games hidden from kiddies and only shows codes on receipt.

game 004549674064L was £32.97 and the other 2 were £24.97 each. Suppose if all 3 had been £24.97 the total would have been £291 - but really dont mind as still think I got a supper bargain!!

- posting this on Moneysaving expert too -
Original post is wrong sort off

the offer is a multi-buy offer, DSI and selected game save £22.97

DSI & £24.97 toy story 3 £99
DSI & £24.97 club penguin £99
DSI & £24.97 Harry Potter Lego £99
DSI & £32.97 pokemon heartgold version £107

Got the offer in store Hamilton, the staff didn't know about it.,only to insist on quoting their offers crib sheet about a deal thats £115 and £10 off game??? and they refused to scan it through to check , so I decided just to make the purchase and return it immediately if it never worked.

but it did go through, although it was £107 not £99 for the pokemon game bundle, still hot enough
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I popped to my local one and got a black one and the Club penguin game in the end. Toy story was sold out and they only had black and white consoles in stock. Going to try and get DS a yellow case for it now!! He will be made up!!! Thanks OP!
Pretty good for a DSi this close to Chr*stm*s
just been to asda chesser in edinburgh and the staff were clueless to this. The pos was displaying the £115 price so i asked if they would match the internet price and was told no so i asked them to put it throught the till to check for me and it scanned at £99 for a red dsi and toy story 3. thanks OP heat and rep added as we have been looking for 1 for my daughters xmas
Thanks very much to the OP. Great deal. As mentioned before staff at the South Shields branch had no idea of this offer. After getting the Supervisor to agree to scan the 2 items to check the price got a light blue one and Toy Story 3 game. Needed another for son #2 but only black and white consoles left. The very helpful assistant phoned Gateshead to keep me a metallic blue one. Went straight up and appears that I got the last of that colour as well. Very pleased. Assistant at Shields branch also metioned as far as she was aware that the price of these consoles are going back up to £115 tomorrow. Might be worth a phone call if planning a trip to Adsa to get one.
Great deal.
Good to see the console and a decent game for under £100.


if you google asda groceries then enter dsi in to the search bar in the top right hand corner it is the first one to come up, hope this helps.
Excellent deal. Recommended to a friend who got one for her daughter for Cmas!

I followed ur steps but when i add to basket, i can`t go to checkout as it shows £0.00!!


if you google asda groceries then enter dsi in to the search bar in the … if you google asda groceries then enter dsi in to the search bar in the top right hand corner it is the first one to come up, hope this helps.

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