Nintendo DSi Console - White £110 delivered @ MyMemory

Nintendo DSi Console - White £110 delivered @ MyMemory

Found 24th Sep 2009
Has to be cheapest out there, unfortunately my son wants a black one & it's full price

The Nintendo DSi is 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite, with screens that are 8% bigger than its predecessor, and includes a range of cool new features including two integrated cameras, an SD Card slot, the ability to wirelessly download software via the DSi Shop, as well as the improvements in audio and visual quality, and much more. As a consequence of all the new features, Nintendo have decided to remove the slot for Game Boy Advance software. However, the impressive range of new features, will more than make up for this, ensuring that Nintendo DSi is THE must-have gadget for 2009.

*Please note: Release dates are subject to change.

- Camera:
Nintendo have included two 0.3 megapixel cameras that are perfectly matched to the resolution of the screens. They've also equipped the handheld with special software including 11 types of special camera lenses that allow you to be incredibly creative and have fun messing around with the different effects.
Take pictures by utilizing a variety of special effects on a real-time basis. You can change the whole picture to black and white, colour the portions you touch or exchange the existing colour with a new one on the area you touch, make a composite picture using preinstalled frames or make the frames for yourselves, draw a variety of graffiti on pictures, and perform many more fun little tricks.

- Sound:
Another new function is the DSi Sound audio player. It's not meant to be an ordinary audio playback mechanism, as Nintendo have designed it so that people can enjoy playing with sounds as well.
Some typical functions include the ability to change the pitch and the speed or sounds separately by using the Touch Screen. The ability to freely manipulate the audio pitch and the speed can expand how the audio player can be used in more practical ways as well.
You can fast-forward a Podcast to economize the time, for example. When you use the repeat-run function with the stylus, it becomes easier to copy the music, to play a musical instrument or to practice foreign languages.
Also, since Nintendo DSi has a microphone, Nintendo have incorporated the DSi Sound function to make use of it. The Nintendo DSi can be viewed as a toy with music that can be played with whether youre at home on your own, out with friends, or at a party.

- Make it your own:
Thanks to a slot that allows an SD memory card to be inserted into DSi, youll be able to store sound data and have pictures stored on a card as well meaning any pictures you take on the go with your DSi can be viewed on your Wii by using the Wii Photo Channel.
To make it truly 'your own DS', you can download and store new software through DSi Shop. This is similar to the Wii Shop Channel mechanism. With these functionalities, DSi owners are able to download the software they would like to enjoy and carry around with them on their own DSi.
As well as this, Nintendo DSi has internal memory, just like the Wii. After storing the data there, you can choose to activate this data from the menu screen. The DSi Camera and the DSi Sound will be included in this internal memory of your DSi.

- Wi-Fi:
If you connect to the DSiWare Shop you will be able to download the DSi Browser which has been co-developed by Opera and Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo DSi. This tuning has made the browser faster, and now that it can be incorporated into the device, the utility aspect has been significantly enhanced.
Furthermore, when Nintendo enabled faster communications for the DSi Browser and DSi Shop, they also achieved faster Wi-Fi communications for Nintendo DSi. When you use the Wi-Fi function of existing Nintendo DS software, the speed does not increase. However, for software specifically made for Nintendo DSi, it is possible to realize faster communications.


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Out of stock!
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