Nintendo DSi Pink / metallic blue + Pokemon  £99.99 @ Bestbuy

Nintendo DSi Pink / metallic blue + Pokemon £99.99 @ Bestbuy

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Looks like the best price i can see, most places are selling the console on its own for more. This includes pokemon explorers of time game for free.

# The Nintendo DSi is also growing in range with the Nintendo DSi Pink.
# The new Nintendo DSi console, 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite and yet a bigger, brighter, 3.25' screen, makes it Nintendo's most portable handheld ever.
# Packed with new features that will excite fans of, and newcomers to, the Nintendo DS range.
# 2 motion detecting cameras let you create, customise and share photos with your friends and family.
# Improved audio quality and volume.
# Built in SD slot allowing full music playback.
# Built in web browser.
# Downloadable DSiWare games.
# The Nintendo DSi has been designed to enable you to use almost all of your existing games on the new console, so if you already have a Nintendo DS (but would like to upgrade to Nintendo DSi) you won't have to re-stock your library.


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Nice deal - I picked up a Red one from Asda for my daughter at the same price - would have preferred the pink though ...

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How do I actually find the deal?

It listed in the "Half Term Must have deals" pdf, and is valid at least until 25/10…pdf

But I guess you can only buy in-store, do they even do online sales?? Unfortunately there are only about 6 stores in the UK!

This isnt dsi XL is it?


This isnt dsi XL is it?


I phoned this afternoon and was told that the Southampton Best Buy is OOS on the pink and that none of the other stores in the south has the blue one either.
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