Nintendo Gameboy Micro - on sale for only £31.49

Nintendo Gameboy Micro - on sale for only £31.49

Found 17th Jan 2007
For those of you who missed this deal on Comet, choices UK has the Nintendo Gameboy Micro on sale for only £31.49. Use the code BEST10 (posted by Chaos_Theory) to get this price. Quidco for this item is 5%.

Game Boy Micro will fill that tiny gap in your life as Nintendo offers the smallest and sleekest Game Boy ever created. The Game Boy Micro is thinner than a cell phone, as chic as an MP3 player and as much fun as a Game Boy. The ultra compact Game Boy Micro measures a mere four inches wide, two inches tall and 0.7 inches deep, allowing it to sit comfortably alongside today's hippest technological gadgets. Not only is the Micro extra slim, it also weighs an astonishing 2.8 ounces, or about the weight of 80 paper clips, making it Nintendo's lightest console ever! Yet Game Boy Micro has the same processing power and plays the same games as the Game Boy Advance SP. Complete with standard face controls, the Micro also has LED Start/Select buttons that will light up your gaming experience. The most notable feature, apart from the vastly reduced size, is its 2-inch backlit screen, which is brighter and sharper than any previous Game Boy screen. For the first time ever, users will be able to adjust the brightness of the screen to adapt to indoor lights or outdoor sunshine. Game Boy Micro is all about individual style and expression. With a selection of removable faceplates available, owners can buy new plates to customise the look of their system again and again. When it launches across Europe in November there will be several different faceplates available in addition to the standard four colours. The only limitation with Micro is your imagination.
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Blue version is also available.
Blue version available here: ChoicesUK
Thanks alien7
Ordered - thanks.
My local woolworths (Windsor) had them in stock at £29.95. Not sure if they're still there though.

My local woolworths (Windsor) had them in stock at £29.95. Not sure if … My local woolworths (Windsor) had them in stock at £29.95. Not sure if they're still there though.

Thanks ace_dynamo Cant see the offer online at Woolworths so this must be store only. ChoicesUK is similar price after 5% Quidco cashback. :thumbsup:
Good point
I'me interested in this but not sure what a game boy micro is:? . is it a smaller version of the gameboy advance sp?
Much smaller version
Thanks for that, i had an sp a few years ago which i was fond of until the screen broke. this looks like an excellent replacement, especially for the price:thumbsup:
For the price it's not bad. You can pick up s/hand SP's in Game with a year warranty for that price though (got a really good condition one from there as a present for someone at christmas).

From what I can understand the micro wasn't well received, best to check out reviews etc. first to make sure you definitely want one, otherwise i'd get a s/hand SP from GAME.

Was tempted myself by my PSP plays gameboy roms so don't need one really.
ok, i had a look for the sp on ebay before but nothing caught my eye, but i must admit the sp does look good compared to the micro but if they are both the same speck inside i think i could live with the micro as it would be new for the price
Iv seen some people with these attached to their 'key ring', how cool is that.

I want one because they are so damm small and portable, and now cheap. There are still plenty of good games on it I havnt played.
This will probably help a lot of people decide, its a comparison between the size of the SP and the Micro…sp/
Picture above :lol:
umm looking at the comparison from the link above between the sp and micro in terms of screen I think i would go for another sp

umm looking at the comparison from the link above between the sp and … umm looking at the comparison from the link above between the sp and micro in terms of screen I think i would go for another sp

The clarity of the screen on the Micro is far superior than the SP
Got a pink one for my gf at xmas and she loves it... the micro that is.... erm digging a deeper grave here...

Do your self a favour though and get a ]supercard MiniSD then you can download hundreds of free hombrew games/apps even use it for mp3 and video playback (official roms are around too, but this will be illegal) and put the on a microSD (which are up to 2GB at the mo.) then slot in the supercard cartridge.
Excellent post. Ordered a blue one today! Thanks to the OP
Thanks! Just ordered a Silver one, got it for £28.34 with the BEST10 code, free delivery as well! Bargain!
I got one and ordered Zelda 2 for it which was only £7.99 more (less 10% etc.)

I don't know if Zelda 2 is any good but the original Legend of Zelda I had on my old Gameboy was the best game by far.

Great spot - thanks.
Great find, been looking for a sub £30 micro for a while now.

Will be great for the train to work, I have so many unfinished GBA games and very little time at home to finish them
Ninteno Battery life = 6-8 hours
PSP = 2-3 hours
Yep, I`ve got one of each and thats probably about right, the screen is a little bigger and better on the PSP though!

(and it uses Discs rather than cartridges/cards)


The also have Advance SP Pink and silver available for £40.49 after the 10% discount.

[SIZE=2]Ninteno Battery life = 6-8 hoursPSP = 2-3 hours[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]Playing 'homebrew' off the memory card I get similar life to the micro on my PSP
This is a great little console - only thing I wouldn't recommend is if a fat fingered person wanted one - it's too diddy for big hands!
I want that Alladin game on portable sooo bad. It was the first Mega Drive game I got, absolutly loved it.

I might have to get a PSP just to play those classics. I wish the DS had a decent Mega Drive emulator.
you can also get cheap games on ebay with loads of games (100+) on one cartridge with all the old classics.

Good price for the Micro.

It's not my cup-of-tea, I prefer my SP. Regardless of the improved quality of the micro's screen I still find it a bit too small.
That's just a personal preference though.

One difference in specs that may be worth pointing out though :

The SP can play all original Gameboy & Gameboy Colour games (and you can pick these up used for next to nothing), plus GB Advance games of course.

The Micro can only play GB Advance games.
Ordered one yesterday at about 1pm, and arrived this morning 15 minutes ago. Pretty quick turnaround

you can also get cheap games on ebay with loads of games (100+) on one … you can also get cheap games on ebay with loads of games (100+) on one cartridge with all the old classics.************************

Beware of these cartridges, as they contain fake games to make up the numbers. I know as I've got them in the past. Its much better to get the supercard as I posted before, then you can put whatever games on it you like.
£26.99 delivered, RESULT! Cheers!
Thanks for this alien7 and sorry I missed it earlier

Both available still.
Thanks OP!

just bought a silver one as a spare for the one i bought when they launched - an excellent small extra to carry on me for my commute.

(advance wars 1 and 2 are superb - keeps me entertained for hours)
Too small for me. The whole GBA Micro is the same size as just the screen of the PSP
The pink version is now available - slightly more at £34, but the best10 code works on that to bring it down to 31 - not bad!
I ordered the silver one plus the Deluxe Accessory Pack Silver reduced from £9.99 to £1.99, also availble in pink.
link below

Just got mine delivered yesterday - screen is great - all the games I have tried have been easy to see and words easy to read. However, the controls are, for me, too small to use for long periods. Not really one for those with big hands!

god damn this web site!!! I dont want a gameboy, i wont use an gameboy... but i just couldnt resist! lol

... i better find me some cheap games now :-)
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