Nintendo Gamecube Controller/4Mb Memory Cards - 99p!

Nintendo Gamecube Controller/4Mb Memory Cards - 99p!

Found 6th Jul 2006
Third-party controller and 4Mb memory cards at ridiculous prices! In-store pick-up only.
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Thanks greenfeld. ;-)

Those 99p items were posted before and relatively out of stock everywhere.
Looks that way from here too. None in south east England
Oh, sorry
no probs greenfeld...

good price but no stock lol:

BTW, is it ur site in the signature?
Yup, that's my site.
Nice site ...
Hope u r doing well after the surgery :smile:
Will you be able to sing ok without your tonsils!?
Hey, thanks guys Hope you like the music!

I am tentatively singing again but not a lot...not trying anything strenuous, just some low notes! Feels ok but I know I can't push it. Still, only 2 weeks since surgery! A bit of pain but stopped taking painkillers - it reminds me to slow down and rest!
[SIZE=2]Enjoying your MP3's [/SIZE]
Good rest and fun will speed the recovery. ;-)
best wishes..

[SIZE=2]Enjoying your MP3's [/SIZE]

Cool All the way from sunny Northallerton! Visited there a few times with work, quite a nice little town.
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