Nintendo Gamecube Donkey Konga Jungle Beat + Bongos £9.99 Instore @ Toysrus!
Nintendo Gamecube Donkey Konga Jungle Beat + Bongos  £9.99 Instore @ Toysrus!

Nintendo Gamecube Donkey Konga Jungle Beat + Bongos £9.99 Instore @ Toysrus!

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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS OUT OF STOCK ONLINE! but there were plenty in stock at Oldbury Branch on Wednesday night. Check your local store first.

Everybody's favourite shambling simian is back in a platform game with a difference - percussion-based control! Shepherd Donkey Kong around the perils and pit-traps of a hazardous jungle environment by thumping the DK Bongo controller - tap, clap or perform a drum roll to negotiate each enemy-infested area! Outwit belligerent beasts, collect bananas, take to the boxing ring and even ride animals and vehicles on your safari sojourn! King monkeys and bongo drums? It's a killer combo...
Bongos controller included! Beat the drums and clap your hands to operate the DK Bongos. With controls that easy, anyone can quickly learn how to play a DK Bongos action Game! Make Donkey Kong perform all sorts of dynamic actions simply by tapping the drum and clapping your hands! In his new incarnation, Donkey Kong hurtles around huge realms in his quest to become the King Ape!

p.s. theres also a carry case avaiable for £2.99 (in stock online & instore at Oldbury) to store your Bongos & gamecube away

link to case: toysrus.co.uk/Pro…rch


saw these last year in basingstoke, haven't had any more since. was in there yesterday.

Are these anygood?

Nope rubbish. Donkey Konga (You play to the music) is good, the Jungle Beat game is awful but a good price just to get the bongos.

Seen loads of these in the Teesside and Metro Centre stores, they werent on display last tiem I was there but they did have them through the back.

Also had the bags in the Metro Centre one, and remember this is also compatible on the Wii.

Original Poster

Beat me to it, was going to say all you new Wii owners can use them too! Also good to get if you've got the first or second Donkey Konga games and only one set of Bongos. With this extra set you can go head to head!

Jungle Beat is excellent. Its a short lived, but a fast, highscore based platformer, thats handled exceptionally well on the bongo controller.
I was made up when I saw this posted a few weeks back, and bought a bunch of these to give as presents.

I posted this a few weeks back and no-one cared.

Still great bargain and I picked up a couple a couple of weeks back.

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Awww, I care SSBJ! :roll: Maybe more people will be interested now the thrill of finding a Wii in time for xmas has gone and the novelty of flinging the Wii controller around has worn off and they need and alternative buzz? I say get this if you can find it, a copy of Donkey Konga 1 or 2 as well, and stand by for some fun! Better than dance mats (they always crawl across the floor and end up the other side of the room don't they?), and great if you get 2 sets of Bongos and a few people round.
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