NINTENDO More Brain Training on DS £16.99 - Collect in Store

NINTENDO More Brain Training on DS £16.99 - Collect in Store

Found 29th Jun 2007
Cheapest place I found to get it in store, but you must reserve it first on their website. It is £19.99 normally but £16.99 via the web. Good alternative, that is if you were depending on getting it today due to the postal strike! If you don't have a PCworld near you, then try the Currys website too for the same deal

More Brain Training: Dr. Kawashima's How Old Is Your Brain? features fun new training exercises including Correct Change which challenges you on an everyday day task- to work out the right amount of money to hand back after a transaction as quickly as possible, Missing Symbols, a twist on the classic "20 calculations" test, and Masterpiece Recital which invites you to follow a music sheet shown on one screen and touch the corresponding piano keys on the touch screen. As your daily training continues, additional new exercises are unlocked.

The DS Brain Age Checks take on a new form in this title as you're tested on three randomly selected exercises including old school classic Rock, Paper, Scissors which asks you to name the position to either win or lose against the object shown, Memorising 5x5 which sees you remembering the position of numbers on screen and Speedy Symbols which challenges your memory of symbols associated with specific numbers.

With More Brain Training you can also play with your family and friends. Using a single game card, two to sixteen players can participate in four different exercises together. Three to sixteen players can also compete in a picture quiz to test each others artistic skills, where players score the other drawings to find a winner.


Struggling to find one in stock anywhere sadly

In Tesco Bicester Town centre on Saturday I bought this for £14.73!! Yet in the Aylesbury store on Friday this was on shelf at £24.73. Not sure which price is wrong, but it went through the till at the lower price so the bar code setup must be right. The price label was a white one, not a yellow one so it isn't a special reduction.
It might be that some of the smaller Tescos (the Bicester Town centre one is a medium sized store) have a different pricing strategy to the bigger ones.


Struggling to find one in stock anywhere sadly

Showing in stock at Edinburgh Kinnaird, if that's helpful to anyone.

Tesco Extra in North Shields has them at £14.73 also, which suggests that this is nationwide for Tesco's.

I agree with biglugs1 - it didn't look like it was on 'special offer', so hopefully it's this price long term.

Have seen this in Morrisons for £14.99!

Still doing the first one :-( Brain age 40..........oooh dear

This is quite fun, especially the scissors-paper-stone game...

(I didn't buy it though, playing the ROM haha)

Its £14.30 at

Just use the codes on this site as well.


Showing in stock at Edinburgh Kinnaird, if that's helpful to anyone.

Damn, would have been about three months back when I only lived about a mile from it!
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