Nintendo Official Wii-RGB Component Cable (Wii) £8.99 @ moviesandgamesonline (Misprice?)
Nintendo Official Wii-RGB Component Cable (Wii) £8.99 @ moviesandgamesonline (Misprice?)

Nintendo Official Wii-RGB Component Cable (Wii) £8.99 @ moviesandgamesonline (Misprice?)

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The Wii RGB Cable links your Wii console to your TV, allowing you to view and enjoy your games with an enhanced image display.

RGB video splits the signal into three separate channels of video information for improved connection quality. The cable includes a Euro AV plug (SCART) for video and stereo audio output. Cable length is approximately 2.5 metres.

Before using the Wii RGB Cable, make sure your TV has a Euro AV terminal (SCART) that accepts RGB input.

Half the price of other online retailers!

Im thinking it should be priced at £18.99- Best hurry and purchase if you want one.
- Blender


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[LEFT][COLOR=green][FONT=serif]that's[/FONT][/COLOR][/LEFT] not component, component is high def

don't see where anyone said it was a component cable, thanks OP i'm now £8.99 worse of lol :thumbsup:



edit: i'm sure theres some people on here who vote everything cold regardless of what it is, why is this cold

The title does say "Nintendo Official Wii-RGB Component Cable (Wii) £8.99 @ moviesandgamesonline (Misprice?)", so should really be corrected.

Personally I'd get a 3rd party one from ebay, but if anyone is looking for an official one, this is a good deal. I also don't understand why it's being voted cold.

This does not seem to be the 'Official' (as stated in the title) cable. Quick search on google for the product code 'NW863' returns 'Logic3 Nintendo Wii RGB Component Cable (NW863)'. Now even more confused, picture shows SCART (RGB?) code & post title refer to component cable, however, seems to be made by Logic3:? :thinking:

Still a good deal even if is Logic3 component.

[not voted cold!!!]

Well spotted auroras, seems like this is a Logic 3 one by the looks of it. The site has put a picture of the official one up next to the description though - probably an admin error or similar!

Not quite such a good deal now unfortunately (still thanks to the OP, I would have thought whatever is in the picture is what you get.. obviously not!)..


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Sorry everyone. The website has totally changed the listing around. Its now a 3rd party Cable.
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