Nintendo Switch Bundle £314.99 @ Smyths

Nintendo Switch Bundle £314.99 @ Smyths

Found 16th Dec 2017
Slightly more than the recent Tesco Zelda bundle but wide range of game options

Valid until Dec 31st
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£5 more and just one do you even compare this to the Tesco deal???
not a great deal tbh.
Tesco deal was much better. Switch + Rabbids + Zelda = £319.
I though this was for Fifa and Mario Kart. But then I realised it’s just one.

Despite the multiple options, it’s not that great a deal. Good, but if recent since Black Friday, it’s not very good.
Thanks for posting, but voted cold....only for those that are desperate and missed out on the black Friday deals.....wait for the Christmas sales.....I got the Mario O deal from Amazon and fifa for 29.99.....and xenoblade for 29.99....I know it's hard for those wanting to get one for their kids at crimbo but don't get mugged off by retailers working on this be honest if I was spending this much for myself then I'd buy and Xbox One X.....but the Switch isn't for me and more suited to my young'un ;0).....and the Tesco deal is better.......
You can choose from 7 games
What gpu do these have in is like an 360/ps3 ?
how212 m ago

You can choose from 7 games

..and still pay £5 more and be a game less than drab grey!
rizzo77712 h, 19 m ago

What gpu do these have in is like an 360/ps3 ?

it's more like that gen than the current gen
rizzo77720 h, 5 m ago

What gpu do these have in is like an 360/ps3 ?

PS3 0.23tflops;
360 0.24tflops;
switch 1.0tflops;
xbone 1.31tflop;
xbones 1.4tflops;
PS4 1.84tflops;
ps4pro 4.2tflops;
xbonex 6.0tflops.
Source gamespot
I guess the cold numbers don’t give it justice - read the gamespot article.
The switch is very good, and unique with lots of potential.

I’m primarily a pc gamer, with a number of the above consoles, and personally I think Mario odyssey (my only switch game) has gorgeous graphics even if it’s not at 4K60.
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