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Nintendo Switch Games £6 - Namco Museum, New Super Lucky's Tales + more in B&M Hanley

£6£1040% off
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Nintendo Switch Games £6 in B&M (Namco Museum, New Super Lucky's Tales + more)

Seen in Hanley B&M but should be nationwide
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    New Super Lucky's Tale is a cute platformer and, even being code in a box, at £6 is cheaper than the historic low on the eShop. Probably the only one there that's worth buying.
    free box!
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    I don't think Namco Museum Archives (any of them) has ever had a physical release so this is a nice opportunity to get a case and box art for an interesting collection even if it doesn't come with a cartridge.
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    I just bought one of the Tesco switches and looking for games for my nearly 4 year old, what’s the issue with codes over physical please? Is it the storage on the console?
    the game is stored on your switch and you need an sd card to hold the game. I prefer physical copy so my son can lend his and borrow games from his friends. (edited)
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    I'm not sure if they're physical copies or codes in box. I'm going to buy Super Lucky's Tales tomorrow, so I'll let you know
    When I have been in B&M before they have all been codes
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    They are all codes but you will get some gold coins back to spend on eShop
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    Why yes, I would like some ciabatta, thank you.
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    the games from b and m are usually codes in box.
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    Damn, codes.
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    Namco need to stop playing Crap-Man and get their act together... and get the collections on cart(s). Its not late.
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