Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Accessory Pair £10.97 Prime (£12.96 non prime) @ Amazon

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Accessory Pair £10.97 Prime (£12.96 non prime) @ Amazon

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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Accessory Pair

£10.97 Prime (£12.96 non prime)

@ Amazon

Extend playtime with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con AA Battery PackDesigned to connect with your existing Joy-Con controllers, this pack includes two battery packs and four AA batteriesThis compact battery pack makes a useful addition to your gaming kit, and will allow you to keep playing longer without charging your controller
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still £30 elsewhere. heat.
£10.80 now, so slightly cheaper. In my opinion, I don't really think the Joy-Con's need any extra charge as they appear to last around 20 hours anyway. But I've heard some people say that they like the battery packs because they add extra grip and weight to the controllers making them more comfortable to use.

Great price for these though anyway, so heated!
Still to get the switch, Santa's delivering it for the young lad, but so far got this and a pro controller. Thanks OP!
Thanks OP, bought for the extra size for grip/comfort
Thanks for posting. Ordered. Have some heat !
But.. They joycons last about 30 hours.
Great deal   Thanks OP 👌
heat as its the cheapest, but as others have said whats the point they last a good 20-30 hours anyhow
Joycon chargers seem like a bit of a waste to me, if you're in handheld the switch will run out of juice before the joycons and if you're at home I would assume that if you're not using them you'll just leave them plugged into the system. Had the system since launch and they're yet to die on e. Seems like a bit of a non issue!
Wondered if the battery packs supplement the Switch's battery life when you're playing handheld mode, but I don't remember reading anything about it?
Came here thinking I must buy these for kids Switch xmas present stuff, but reading the comments, does sound like one of those products you see on Dragon's Den all the time, trying to solve a problem that does not exist?
Nice OP!

Cheep as chips in comparison to the other sellers. Blimey!

Get em if you want, don't if ya don't.

Not sure I need these but bought them anyway. Can these be added to the joy con whilst they are attached to the Switch itself? Might make it a bit more comfortable in extended handheld sessions.

Edit: Looks like they slide into the joy con and will be unusable in handheld mode. On the positive side though these should make the joy con more comfy in single joy con use and be a better option than the default strap.
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Hmm, my order had dropped £1 exactly since ordering and it won't be here until tomorrow, got on the chat, jeezo Amazon are strict these days, I got the automated company line...

"unfortunately we are unable to price match and the prices on the website can fluctuate without notice "

That's fine, will just refuse the delivery tomorrow and have reordered, save myself a quid - doubt Amazon have saved anything though.
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Just got this in the mail and they are pretty incredible. I didn't expect this much bulk from them and it makes split con a more viable controller option as it is way more comfy. I tested them out in Splatoon and even though I am an avid pro controller user I didn't feel let down by these at all.

Bought a second pair to keep for potential future use. Cheers OP
£12.35 non prime now, so should be even cheaper. Tempted to get but unsure as I rarely use my JoyCons now that I have two pro controllers (completely unplanned to get a second one but then they released the Splatoon 2 one and now anyway I can charge one and use one at the same time)
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