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Nintendo Switch Console Neon Red & Blue - £115 (instore only) @ Tesco

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One heck of a deal here guys!, yes you are not dreaming Nintendo Switch console for just the grand whole sum of £115.

Tesco currently have reduced the Nintendo Switch Neon Red and Blue console down from £230 to an amazing £115, 50% off. This is an instore offer only, and stock is subject to availability and will vary store to store, though larger superstores and Extras are most likely to have them

Found in the Tesco Grocery App, can check stock there for your store now. Remember the Tesco Grocery app isn't 100% accurate so don't make any long special trips, I recommend visiting local stores only though but with the vast amount of store showing stock I suspect most saying stock will have stock, even if its just one.

Tesco More details at Tesco

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    Oled model £152.50
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    For anyone wondering how to check stock, taken from my hopefully helpful guide here on price matching with Currys.

    How to price match at Currys | hotukdeals

    "Tesco App

    If not then the Tesco app is your next point of action.

    Download the Tesco app (formerly known as the Tesco Groceries app), log in and you can check stock of Tesco stores. On the top of the app there are two option, Order Online and Shop in-store, toggle to Shop in-store. Then search your nearest store, you can then search for any Tesco store (either with postcode or town name or street name). Once you have selected a store, you can search for items stocked at that store."
    Cheers really useful do you know if there is a way to find your nearest local store that has stock?
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    The store will refuse to honour this price or say they have no stock. But then sell you one at full price. It’s happened before at my local tesco.
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    Earlier I checked around Bristol, Bath, Somerset down to Bournemouth. No joy.
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    49490937-okTV7.jpgOnly old switch at mine
    Best buy all 4 of them then.
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    Guarantee when you get to store they won't have it. Its a wild goose chase just like the last time with Tesco.
    yeh i can see yoshi world for £3.75, was that a wild goose chase from last time (oos now)
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    Banging post thanks. Just picked one up for £98 with staff discount
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    Birthday gift to myself
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    No stock at my local even though showing on app. Not a totally wasted journey as picked up this bargain which I’m sure will actually entertain my 4 year old more
    You've highlighted exactly why tesco are offering half price deals. Clever people.
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    Managed to bag one in Irlam earlier on. Woman said someone had bought 3 and was asking for more when she refused him. Sounds like it was her decision though rather than a directive from management. Good on her.
    yeah good on her. i was there in the queue at the time. it was a tesco staff member that bought the 3!
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    Guy just before me bought all 9 consoles, so it's not limited to two per customer. Unfortunately none left.
    It varies from store to store. Big praise for the managers implementing a one per person policy.
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    Just managed to bag one. Said in stock online but nothing on display.
    Staff are really shady about it trying to make out they had none. Asked an old lady...Staff looked a bit annoyed at the till I think they're all cashing in on this deal. So ask at customer service even the games where hidden in the back
    So did the old lady get it for you?
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    Managed to get 3 nintendo consoles thanks OP xmas pressies sorted! A guy next to me had 7 including an OLED lol.

    Does anyone know why the ones I bought have barcode 45496453602 ? my mate got a few with different barcodes and on his receipt it states North Shore which mine doesn't

    What is North Shore version !?
    7? Wow must have 7 kids...
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    Tesco Yardley managed to get 4 games, console is shown as in stock on the app, staff member told me they have 3 but have been reserved by staff come back at 1pm to see if they have actually bought them
    I actually work for Tesco so I'm fully aware of how little we get paid and what we have to deal with. However loosing our job over a Nintendo switch isn't worth it.
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    They're clearing out all gaming so might be specific store getting rid of old stock,looks like Asda are going to be the only supermarket selling any entertainment soon
    Not read on this personally, though if so will be sad, but thankfully ASDA seem to the best at giving deals on games out of all the supermarkets anyway.
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    Stupid question but are the games region locked? I will be in Tokyo for a few months and may get some games whilst out there lol
    Nope, Switch games aren't region locked.
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    Anyone know what "North Shore" refers to ? (in the screenshot from the app)
    I assume it's a glitch? Intriguing...
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    Was going for the OLED model at Old Swan but 3 people got there in the 20 mins it took me and bagged all of those, they told me there was one switch left and it was one of these which I bagged. They're still out there so if the app says there's stock and it isn't much of a trek, worth a shot for sure.
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    Last one sold 20 min before I arrived. That was at about 9.20 Tesco Abbeydale Rd Sheffield
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    Does anyone have a list of the games that have been reduced?
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    Wild goose chase Tesco deals are back then
    Not that much of a wild goose chase this time, it's national and loads of people have gotten it.
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    Warrington Extra showing as in stock if it helps anyone, I can't be bothered using my electricity to check
    Checked earlier and all sold out in Warrington.

    Checked earlier and all sold out in Warrington. (edited)
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    Non in Tesco Kingston Park tried a few hours ago, even though the sites shows in stock
    I managed to get mario strikers from there. That's all they had left I think.
    North Shields Extra had nothing. (edited)
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    went to a store that showed stock, was told someone phone reserved their only one. I think the staff were keeping them for themselves.
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    Went to the two in Swansea showing stock and they had nothing if it helps anyone
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    In Stock at Stratford-upon-Avon. Went to counter and asked the woman.

    She didn't even check stock, just looked across to the side and said " No we don't have any..."
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    It's legit guys got one 🔥🔥🔥
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    Come on guys, don't report the deal expired just because your Tesco didn't have stock.
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    One OLeD for £152
    And normal for £115
    FIFA 23 is £15.50.

    Amazing start to the week. Who hates Mondays hey 🤪
    How much was the tyre puncture repair kit?
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    First person I went to said they only stock Nintendos at Christmas so I went to customer service
    Tesco staff being knowledgeable as always I see.
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    Glad people have managed to get this steal of a bargain
    Yeah lots of people. Doesn't feel like such a wild goose chase!
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    I don't play it so wasn't interested but cousin works in Tesco Extra and said staff were splitting stock between themselves some even had 2 , so will likely end up on eBay. Perks of the job I guess.
    Not really as staff are not allowed to withhold stock from the shop floor/customers. They are allowed to purchase on their break but not allowed to withhold or reserve stock to purchase at a later time. It's a breach of Tesco policy and is a sackable offence.
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    There were apparently two at the store I visited. No evidence of the deal on the shelves though that I could see. I had to ask someone, who then asked someone else, who told me to ask another person, who then asked another person. There may have even been another person involved as well. Got there in the end though.
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    Got last one in Tesco Watford extra. Guy behind me wasn't happy 🤡
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    Having a look round it seems that most Extras have stock as of posting, so defo worth checking.

    If you want happy to check your local stores, to see i they are claiming stock . (edited)
    Can't seem to find it on the app at Rutherglen... How did you find it?
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    Where did this post go?!
  37. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Picked one up this morning. Forgot to put it on a separate receipt tho.
  38. Avatar
    Got up super early today and managed to get the last one in my local Superstore. Thank you so much for posting. You have made my Son's year!
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    Managed to get the last one at Worcester ST Peters Tesco.
    Knew they had one, visited this morning but no keyholder was in at the time

    Thankfully wasn't one I wanted.
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    Thanks managed to get one
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