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Nintendo Switch Online 12 Months UK - £12.79 @ CDKeys

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Nintendo Switch Online 12 Months UK @ CD Keys, £12.79. Top Cashback too.

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Benefits of subscription to NSO:
Most Switch games require Nintendo Switch Online to unlock their online features, like Splatoon 3, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Other benefits currently included:

NES Games:
Balloon Fight⭐ Baseball⭐ Donkey Kong⭐ Double Dragon⭐ Dr. Mario⭐ Excitebike⭐ Ghosts ’n Goblins⭐ Gradius⭐ Ice Climber⭐ Ice Hockey⭐ The Legend of Zelda⭐ Mario Bros.⭐ Pro Wrestling⭐ River City Ransom⭐ Soccer⭐ Super Mario Bros.⭐ Super Mario Bros. 3⭐Tecmo Bowl⭐ Tennis⭐ Yoshi⭐NES Open Tournament Golf⭐ Solomon's Key⭐ Super Dodge Ball⭐ Metroid⭐ Mighty Bomb Jack⭐ TwinBee⭐ Adventures of Lolo ⭐ Ninja Gaiden⭐ Wario's Woods⭐ Zelda II: The Adventure of Link⭐ Blaster Master⭐ Super Mario Bros. 2⭐Kirby's Adventure⭐ Kid Icarus⭐ StarTropics ⭐Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels⭐ Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream⭐ Star Soldier⭐ Donkey Kong Jr.⭐ VS. Excitebike⭐ Clu Clu Land ⭐ Double Dragon II: The Revenge⭐ Volleyball⭐ City Connection⭐ Wrecking Crew⭐ Donkey Kong 3⭐Kung-Fu Heroes⭐ Vice: Project Doom⭐ Crystalis⭐ Journey to Silius⭐ Shadow of the Ninja⭐ Eliminator Boat Duel Rygar⭐ The Immortal ⭐S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team⭐ Nightshade⭐ Fire 'n Ice⭐ Ninja JaJaMaru-kun⭐ EarthBound Beginnings⭐ Dig Dug II⭐ Mappy-Land⭐ Pinball

SNES Games:
Super Mario World⭐ Super Mario Kart⭐ The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past⭐ Super Metroid⭐ Stunt Race FX⭐ Kirby's Dream Land 3⭐Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island⭐ Star Fox⭐ F-ZERO⭐ Pilotwings⭐ Kirby's Dream Course⭐ BRAWL BROTHERS⭐ Breath of Fire⭐ Demon's Crest⭐ Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics⭐ SUPER E.D.F. EARTH DEFENSE FORCE⭐ Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts⭐ Super Puyo Puyo 2⭐Super Soccer⭐ Super Tennis⭐ Star Fox 2 ⭐Kirby Super Star⭐ Super Punch-Out!!⭐Breath of Fire II⭐ Pop'n Twinbee⭐ Smash Tennis⭐ Wild Guns⭐ Panel de Pon⭐ Operation Logic Bomb ⭐ Donkey Kong Country⭐ Natsume Championship Wrestling ⭐ Super Mario All-Stars⭐ Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest⭐ Mario's Super Picross⭐ The Peace Keepers⭐ Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble!⭐The Ignition Factor⭐ Super Valis IV ⭐Tuff E Nuff⭐ Doomsday Warrior⭐ Prehistorik Man ⭐Psycho Dream ⭐Joe & Mac⭐ Magical Drop II⭐ Spanky's Quest⭐ Super Baseball Simulator 1.000⭐Claymates⭐Jelly Boy⭐ Bombuzal⭐ EarthBound⭐ Earthworm Jim 2⭐ Congo's Caper⭐ Rival Turf

CDKeys More details at CDKeys

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  1. Avatar
    Any deals on the family membership with expansion? (edited)
    Also to note - the cheapest way to buy a full (8 slots) family membership with expansion yourself is to buy 2× family membership (2 years) from cdkeys and then after redeeming them both you can then upgrade your membership to the expansion pack (1 year) by paying the remaining £1.59 amount (because you get 8p for every day of regular family membership you have left to go towards upgrading). So it would cost £22.49 × 2 + £1.59 = £46.57. And then you could sell some slots to other people too if you wanted (edited)
  2. Avatar
    I buy these every year for my daughter. They work perfectly fine . You get a code which you can give on Xmas day and then they just activate it.
  3. Avatar
    Silly question, can I buy 2 of these and stack for 2 years? Any reply would be appreciated 🏽
  4. Avatar
    Are these Official keys… don’t want any trouble/bans from Nintendo (edited)
    I think CDKeys is commonly classified as grey market. They sell legit products but aren't an authorised reseller. They are a somewhat better grey market site as they are selling to you themselves rather than just being a marketplace for multiple sellers of the same items. Where they source their codes from is somewhat unknown. A lot of codes are often EU wide, inc UK. So possible they buy in bulk from distributors in cheaper regions. But ultimately unknown.

    I've used them many times over several years for PC games, Xbox Live, PS+ etc. Never had a problem with them. They are extremely popular here on HUKD as they are fairly often the cheapest reliable place for stuff like this. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Does anyone know how long you can wait between buying the code and then using the code? Eg. If I wanted to buy this for a Xmas present?
  6. Avatar
    Ordered through Top Cashback app, saved a further 65p 🏻
  7. Avatar
    So I took advantage of the Amazon deal and plan on getting this. But what's the expansion pack people keep talking about? Never used a switch online.
    N64 games (currently 21)
    Mega Drive games (currently 29)
    DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    DLC for Animal Crossing New Horizons
    DLC for Splatoon 2
    nintendo.co.uk/Nin…tml (edited)
  8. Avatar
    Can I download the games and not renew the online subscription?
    You can only play the games as long as you're subscribed
  9. Avatar
    Does anyone know how long you have to activate the code? Was hoping to get the family online for a xmas present but worried it might expire before Christmas day if not used... Happened to me with shopto last year with playstation plus 😮‍💨.
    My question too. Here's their response:

    "Thanks for contacting CDKeys.

    The game codes/ keys you purchase now will still be valid come Christmas time however, we strongly recommend that you redeem your code immediately when you receive it. This enables you to check if there are any issues with the code and you can let us know right away.

    We would also like to highlight to you that as per our Terms and Conditions (cdkeys.com/ter…ons), any refund request needs to be submitted to us within 7 calendar days of your purchase and the key (code) has not been redeemed or used."

    TL;DR - Should be fine to activate on Christmas day but refund for any issues can only be submitted up to 7 days of purchase.
  10. Avatar
    Didn't realise it was this cheap, very nice.

    Never owned a Switch, but took advantage of the Amazon OLED glitch and just grabbed a code from this. Planning on setting it up whilst the daughter is at School tomorrow. She's obsessed with Mario Kart on Wii U, so the booster tracks will definitely bring big smiles.

    Picked up Luigi's Mansion for myself
    You may already know, or have bought the booster pack separately, but you'll need to upgrade the membership to get the extra tracks
  11. Avatar
    Thanks for posting, great deal. Anyone know when this is set to expire?
    Believe it is end of tomorrow?
    Actually Tues 29th 15:00 GMT.
    Plenty of time to purchase. (edited)
  12. Avatar
    No idea on the Nintendo online stuff but I’ve bought a few games from the store for my son on my account.
    If I buy this am I right in thinking I’d need to redeem it from his Nintendo account else he wouldn’t be able to play the games (both users setup on same device), or is the family membership for when you’re on multiple devices?
    It's one account (profile) per membership so if you need more than one you need family membership (or join someone else's)
  13. Avatar
    Thanks - have ordered.

    Is it sensible to download the code straightaway and presumably just hold it till you want to use it? i.e. xmas day!

  14. Avatar
    Thanks ordered
  15. Avatar
    Thanks ordered and sorted
  16. Avatar
  17. Avatar
    Bought. Cheers
  18. Avatar
    Such a shame I can't buy from CD keys now, I just get "We regret that we are unable to process your order. We are not able to tell you specifically why the order failed"

    I've used them before but no matter what payment I use it fails and their support has absolutely no interest in helping me.
    I've had failed orders with them due to vpn issues. Temporarily disabling the vpn or using a mobile connection normally gets the order through.
  19. Avatar
    Is it possible to ‘convert’ the single membership to expansion pass, like described with the family membership?
    Yes but you would need to add more than 2 single memberships to your account as they’re worth less 
  20. Avatar
    Doesn't the description show + expansion membership? I think that is normally £34.99?
    It's the basic membership, the expansion pack is only available via Nintendo
  21. Avatar
    Just got a switch. If I buy this discounted online membership - how do I upgrade to the expansion pack? Can I buy the expansion pack from a retailer of website?
    You can't upgrade anywhere other than Nintendo, unless you join someone else's family membership for around £7.50 a year
  22. Avatar
    No more Street Fighter II on SNES library
    I can't find any evidence that it ever was?
  23. Avatar
    Good deal and was about to pull the trigger but judging from comment's on here I might be better off getting the expansion pack. Might need to find a family to join, I noticed on the discussion page people regularly  have open slots for about £7.50 a year. 
    That's the way forward, definitely. Unfortunately membership sharing can't be done in those forums any more
  24. Avatar
    Sorry I'm still a bit unclear......I have a Nintendo account set up for my son

    If I join someone else's "family expansion pack "subscription for online play etc. What then would happen to my existing Nintendo account?
    You keep your account. You're not account sharing, it's just the online benefits that are shared. It's exactly the same as having an individual membership and no one in the group has access to any games or data of your own. All the other party will have is your email address and Nintendo username
  25. Avatar
    Can anyone advise on how to find when your online membership expires

    have purchased a OLED switch for Xmas but also two other family members have switch lites. 

    one has a standard online membership currently but we would like to upgrade for the expansion pack. 

    Im not understanding the method to buy to get us all on the expansion pack. I have read it a few times but I’m dyslexic so I get pretty confused. 

    appreciate any help 
    This page has the information how to find it:

    'Visit accounts.nintendo.com and sign in to your Nintendo Account.
    Select "Shop Menu".
    Select "Pass Settings".
    Check the "Nintendo Switch Online" section for your current Nintendo Switch Online membership plan and expiry date'


    'Select Nintendo Switch Online on the HOME Menu.
    Select the account you want to use.
    Your current membership status, along with various other information about Nintendo Switch Online, will be displayed' (edited)