Posted 20 January 2023

Nintendo Switch Pokémon Shining Pearl / Brilliant Diamond £25 instore (check app for stock) @ Tesco

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Pokémon Shining Pearl/ Brilliant Diamond reduced to £25 at Tesco in store.

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    I don't understand how so many other retailers do stock check correctly yet also how many don't. I completely understand "subject to change" (as in someone could of quite literally put it in their physical basket but not paid yet) but for retail to survive, blending digital and retail is a huge opportunity to combat "free next day delivery"

    Been refurbing in the house, DIY and new to it so made many trips when I've gone "ohhh I need one of those"... B&Q tell you exactly how many in stock AND the aisle it's in!... Screwfix and Toolstation both super easy to go "yep, 3 near you today"...

    Its convenient and as a shopper I go with the easy options...
    Yep exactly, as you say it can't be 100% spot on but it's good to at least have a Idea before making the trip.
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    Im new to Pokemon on switch and this would be my first game. Is it a good place to start? Used to love Pokemon Silver/Gold etc on the gameboy colour!
    Yes 100%. I skipped nearly every single pokemon game since the ones you mentioned and jumped straight into this. Got that same old feel which we all love
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    Great deal, monachu approves
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    Can't even see the product on the app/ online.
    Same here, can't find it at all
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    The apps garbage it still says multiple items are In. Stock in my local and they don't even have the games to start with never mind discount (edited)
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    Ooo near me
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    I had to ask customer services as couldn't find these on the self at my local, who couldn't help so sent me to someone at the till. Turns out they just had a box of games under the till, but aren't putting these on display.
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    Fantastic deal if you can get it, my local stopped selling games so no chance here.
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    Is this remake as bad as all the reviews make out to be? I’ve held off because of the bad reviews
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    Anyone know of any Tescos still selling games? Most of the ones near me now don’t sell any.
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