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[Nintendo Switch] The VideoKid - 99p - Nintendo eShop
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[Nintendo Switch] The VideoKid - 99p - Nintendo eShop

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Posted 15th Jul
I got this on Xbox One a while back (free). It’s 99p and not super long, but for a bit of similar nostalgia, I don’t think you can go wrong.

NintendoLife say…

“While its setup does make it look like one of those soulless endless runners that fill mobile app stores, The VideoKid overcomes that hollow association by offering up a nostalgic love letter to the characters that defined a decade. The random layout means you’ll never get the same run twice, but once you’ve played each section of its celebrity-filled suburbia a few times, you will start to notice plenty of bits being recycled as you head to your final destination. Still, with high-scores to chase and new character skins and tricks to unlock, this modern Paperboy has earned its pay packet.

It's the 1980's. The Kid needed to earn some cash to take his girlfriend out. So by delivering pirate video tapes to his customers and staying one step in front of the cops, he quickly became... The Videokid.

Running the gauntlet of his bogusly dangerous delivery route, The VideoKid must survive against all the odds to reach his beloved Jessica. Is today the day he'll finally reach her in time?

The VideoKid pays homage to the 1980s, and the classic videogames of that era. Harking back to a simpler time of pure gameplay, take control of The VideoKid as he hurls videos through the mailboxes, or windows, of his customers to earn cash. Dodge civilians, jump and grind cars and avoid the neighbourhood cops to stay alive. But this is no ordinary street... you may also encounter strangely-familiar characters from your past. How many will you spot?
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Can vouch for this game on switch.

I paid more than this and I’ve put a chunk of time in because it’s a fun little game with decent pop culture details.
It’s great solid tho totally worth 99p
What is the discount for amazon prime customers?
Is this a rehash of PaperBoy?
matdey15/07/2019 19:02

Is this a rehash of PaperBoy?

Yeah pretty much bit has loads of 80s references make you giggle your see the care bares kissing mr-T
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DanoVan15/07/2019 17:11

It’s great solid tho totally worth 99p

99p but its a pretty shallow game. I played it a few times and I can’t say I’ll be back to it
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