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Posted 7 January 2023

[Nintendo Switch] WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship - PEGI 3 - £4.49 @ Nintendo eShop

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WRC 9 is the leading off-road simulation franchise endorsed by the world's top drivers. It is the most in-depth rally game on the market:

3 new rallies (Kenya, Japan, New Zealand), over 15 classic cars and 100 special stages to tackle!



WRC 9 has new game modes specially designed for the community, including a Clubs system where each player can create their own championship and compete in it online with the rest of the world!

Take control of all official drivers and cars in 3 WRC categories with improved physics for even greater realism, redesigned environments and all-new pacenotes for total immersion.

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    I already have WRC 8 and despite what people may think about it being an inferior version compared to other platforms, I personally think it's an enjoyable game once you get into it!

    If you have another console, then of course you have the option to go with a superior version but if Switch is your only option or it's the console you find yourself gravitating towards most, you could do an awful lot worse than WRC.

    I enjoy it a lot
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    Supports right stick accelerate/brake apparently. This game would probably be difficult with digital trigger brake/throttle unless you're on every assist known to man.

    With an 8bitDo adapter (with up-to-date firmware) and a supported controller (ie PS4, PS5, etc.), you could actually get analogue triggers working with some clever mapping tricks via the 8BitDo Ultimate Software. The software is also baked into 8bitDo's newer pro controller's firmware. Sadly this option would only work on tabletop or docked mode, but its an option that I'm sure someone might benefit from.

    I have no idea if doing the above allows for simultaneous brake + throttle input (ie for techniques like left foot braking) but would be a miraculous bonus if it does.

    Apparently it runs okay according to reviews - consistent 30 frames which isn't bad all things considered. More of a cheap handheld option for the masses (but the analogue trigger workaround isn't going to work im that setup).
    How do you accelerate and break at the same time using the same analogue stick?
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    Surely this doesn't look or run very well on the switch?
    Just downloaded this (thanks OP) and although I've had a couple of rums and only played the test track(!), I'm really pleasantly surprised about how well this runs and how good it looks and I'm comparing this with my PC version which looks great. Only tried docked mode so far. Would have liked to have been able to play with graphical settings, like reduce shadows etc but so far so good.
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    Is this the 15fps edition
    30fps edition

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    Great bargain, nuff said.
    Simple as
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    Our 11year old son says thanks OP 👌🏼
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    Will have that away for a handheld rally game. Bargain price
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    Is this OK? The kids love racing games.
    Video reviews in description.
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    Won’t let me complete the purchase?
    Try doing it directly through eshop wouldn't let me purchase any other way
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    Anyone got the link in the eshop? Searching WRC brings up no results. Maybe I'm being simple
    Click on the "Get deal" link above - should take you straight there....
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    £3 after gold coins. Thx op