Nintendo Ultimate Merch Crate £12.99 @ Grainger games

Nintendo Ultimate Merch Crate £12.99 @ Grainger games

Found 17th Mar
Seems like a great price for this. Hope it helps someone out.

Enter the colourful and expansive world of Nintendo with this Ultimate Merch Crate, for gamers young and less young! With 9 pieces of official Nintendo merchandise from 3 top brands (Game Boy, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda), ranging from notebooks, to lights and blind bag collectibles, this crate is the perfect purchase for satisfy super-fans, or brand new fans of the worlds leading video game brand.

Nintendo was founded in Japan in 1889, originally producing hand made playing cards, only turning to video games almost a hundred years later, in 1970. Today, it’s grown to a be one of the largest and most influential video game franchises in the world, bolstered in more recent years by releases of new gaming platforms, such as the Nintendo DS, the Wii, and even more recently mobile platforms and the Nintendo Switch.


Game Boy Notebook

Game Boy Tin Money Box

Game Boy Bottle Opener

Super Mario Backpack Buddy

The Legend of Zelda Backpack Buddy

Super Mario Mini Question Block Light

Super Mario 3D Coasters

The Legend Of Zelda Pin Badges

Hyrule Multi tool
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Nice, shame they're not retro coasters or a question block coin box - still want one of those. Can't get enough question blocks...
Thanks @Gamerofgames that does look good for the price; loving the Zelda stuff
Backpack buddys are usually £5 each and you get 2 here, plus a lot more more for £2.99 more, heat
I'll echo the "nice" sentiment, but tbh I calculate that it would cost about the same (or less) to just buy the items individually
Great find saw this offer to late last time it was up nice work
urgh, wish I'd ordered now. Lenticular stuff - I'm a sucker for that. Should have checked back and watched that video when you posted it. Oh well.
I couldn't order without registering again?
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