Nintendo White DSI Console Bundle @ Staples £99

Nintendo White DSI Console Bundle @ Staples £99

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Nintendo DSi Console (White):

•Packed with features and thinner than ever: 12% thinner than the Nintendo DS Lite with a bigger, brighter 3.25" screen, two 0.3 megapixel cameras, enhanced sound quality and an SD memory card slot for saving.
•Play with sound: Play music on your DS, experiment, record, create and play with sound using the DSi Sound application.
•Picture perfect: With an inwards and outwards facing camera, take pictures for instant editing, effect addition and then save them in your own portable photo album or onto an SD card for sharing.
•Play, share and enhance your DSi experience online: Download new games and applications from the DSi Shop from cartoon making to a free internet browser and challenge yourself online with DSi's improved connectivity.
•Play an extensive, readily available line-up of games compatible with the Nintendo DSi Console.
Hidden Mysteries: Titanic:

Hidden Mysteries: Titanic takes place aboard the R.M.S Titanic on her fateful maiden voyage across the Atlantic. Explore the most famous ship in the world and feel the ship’s deck creak beneath you as you go in search for hidden objects, decode secret puzzles and solve the greatest sea mystery ever! Overcome challenging puzzles and obstacles to progress the ship’s timeline, starting from April 10th 1912, the date Titanic left Southampton, to the cold night of April 15th 1912 when Titanic sunk beneath the waves.

•Explore 20 levels in search of clues and solve challenging puzzles so you can get to a lifeboat in time!
•Decide how your story will end – multiple endings offer a unique experience as you discover the secrets of the Titanic
•Discover hundreds of hidden objects and puzzles to unravel secret clues
Exspect EX307 NDSi Essentials Pack:

A pack that includes a range of essentials to protect and enhance the NDSi.

•Pack includes EVA hard case, 3 x plastic styli, wrist strap, screen cleaner, 6-game case with SD card silicone
•High-quality earphones included with 3 different sized silicon ear buds.


Can't argue at that price heat added

Out of stock when I go to add it to basket.

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I should have added, its out of stock online, but plenty available in stores, i picked one up in Glasgow yesterday no problem. Also, when i called the Edinburgh store they had plenty in stock.


Online it's showing as £84.26, how come it's more in store?

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Staples show excluding VAT so its £84.26 + VAT = £99

Just another option - I picked up a DSi XL from PCW / Currys on Friday for £98. It was £159.99 on the shelf, but Sainsburys are doing them for £108 currently (check their website). PCW price matched then took a further 10% of the difference off making it £103 then I used a £5 voucher from the 15 million pound giveaway making it £98.

All i needed was a printout of the sainsburys website for them to pricematch, I'd already checked that my local sainsburys had stock (savacentre in Gillingham) but PCW didn't even bother to ring them !

I used the free £5 voucher from NoTW just over a week ago & staples were giving a free £10 off any item over £50 with every purchase. Not sure if this is still happening but worth buying a can of pop to find out.

out of stock online

hi, would one of these be appropirate for my very shortsighted father, is there any function that would increase font? thanks


hi, would one of these be appropirate for my very shortsighted father, is … hi, would one of these be appropirate for my very shortsighted father, is there any function that would increase font? thanks

The DSiXL would be better with it's bigger screens.
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I picked up a leaflet instore today and there is a £5 off £25 spend voucher valid from tomorrow in the leaflet.


back in stock online

..not in stock online but you can order by phone. Back in on 27th. Back orders will be delivered first

Non online but they have plenty instore. i picked it up in Thanet Kent

Is there much point in getting a DSi now with the 3DS coming in March?
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