Nintendo Wii - £152.99 (£146.87 after Quidco) @ Softuk
Nintendo Wii - £152.99 (£146.87 after Quidco) @ Softuk

Nintendo Wii - £152.99 (£146.87 after Quidco) @ Softuk

Buy forBuy forBuy for£152.99
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Cheapest ive seen it!

Use voucher below to get this price, if the voucher doesnt work then delete your cookies and try again


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[COLOR=red]EDIT: They have put the price up a bit... Price now £152.99 (£146.87 after Quidco)[/COLOR]

wow nice find gary!


and 4% quidco

Just ordered one!

Thank Yooou

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and 4% quidco

Said that in title.



Said that in title.

yeah well, its late :oops:






You need to use the discount voucher.

Thanks just ordered one. my first bargain since joining up just now :thumbsup:

STATUS : Sorry this item is currently out of stock and will require a delayed dispatch


Says in stock now, but it's £175.99?

That's before you put the discount code in...

The discount code doesn't worked, I cleared my cookies too.:-( Gutted because I wanted to order this

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This is working again! If your having trouble, restart your computer and the first thing you need to go is clear your cookies then it will work!

Cheers I will try this straight away!!

Its coming up as 152.99 , don't think free delivery is working, still a bargain though !!

Think its becauese the price of the wii has changed to 179.99

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Free delivery is working this end!

They have put the price up... ive changed the OP.

tried code doesn't work mm... what is up with these systems!

Yeah sorry gary_rip I was getting caught up in the rush to get one !! They gave me free delievery but put the price up (cheeeeeeeky so n so's !!) Thanks for this, great deal !!

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tried code doesn't work mm... what is up with these systems!

have you done what i said...

[SIZE=2]restart, clear cookies, try again?[/SIZE]

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If anyone wants 2 at the older cheaper price click here...


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Now saying...

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1] This Console is excluded from the BT promotional
deal currently running with SoftUk[/SIZE][/FONT]

thanks gary!! not for me but thanks anyway!!!

doubt they will honour it.

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in it to win it.

I've ordered it I had it in my basket for ages waiting for my fella to ring me to tell me whether to get it or not and in that time they added postage onto the cost, charged me another 1.49 ! But hopefully got one for 154.48 !!

Just ordered it. Got free delivery. £152 .99
Many thanks for this!!

The code does still work, and seems to allow me to order a 360 + Gears of War for £212.49 inc and then there might be Quidco on top. Just a thought for those really wanting a console.

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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=1]This Console is excluded from the BT … [FONT=Arial][SIZE=1]This Console is excluded from the BT promotional[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=1]deal currently running with SoftUk[/SIZE][/FONT]

Don't need one but voted hot and repped

I just got the discount accepted. My order is on pending so I'll wait and see if the cancel it.
Currently showing £152.99 including delivery. This is for a friend i told to wait until Christmas but at this price it isn't worth waiting.

Softuk won't honour this, i saw this deal just as Gary_rip posted it last night, so i was one of the first to take advantage of the deal and it looks like they've cancelled my order, so it'll probably happen to everyone else as well.

Oh well, I knew it might not work after i saw Gary mention that the code was only supposed to be for software but it was worth a try anyway.

Thanks for the effort anyway mate, that's what makes this site great when people look out for deals and it's great when some of them pays off.

Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

This is the email i received from them, so i think everyone should be prepared to receive the same shortly:

Thank you for your recent order.

Unfortunately this promotion is exempt of all Hardware; it is exclusive for BT Broadband customers and is strictly limited to first time purchases. Therefore, on this occasion we have cancelled your current order.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused

Kind Regards

Don't want a Wii but I've just ordered 2 Xbox 360's

1 x Core @ £179.99
15% voucher -£27.00
subtotal £152.99
4% quidco -£6.12
TOTAL £146.87

1 x Pro Evo Prem @ £229.99
15% voucher -£34.50
subtotal £195.49
4% quidco -£7.82
TOTAL £187.67

Heat and rep added. Big thanks to OP:thumbsup:

edit: ****, just seen the last post about cancelled orders, oh well, looks like my trip to ToysRUs is back on then.

Hi everyone,

I manage the SoftUK program on Webgains through which Quidco gets its commission to pass onto you. I've just spoken to my contact at SoftUK about this. No orders for hardware using this voucher code will be honoured at their end nor will cashback be paid through Quidco and all transactions on our system for Quidco using this code have already been cancelled.

You're fine to use it for software if you're a new customer though.

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Not you again! - What is it with you ruining my deals! :-D

Just doing my job :thumbsup:

Mine got cancelled too, tut.

mine was just cancelled as well :-(

Ive not received any any emails yet to confirm my order or to cancel it but my quidco it showing validated. Will just have to wait and see what happens.
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